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  • Yo Ronin,
    I really enjoy reading your posts too man, you got a knack for talking to me in my ears through my eyes haha
    EZ my laad
    - Ras
    Hey Ronin, I'm just a newbie round here but wanted to say thanks for sharing so much on this forum. It's because of your grow thread on La Nina that I am inspired to get a hold of what sounds like a great sativa hybrid. I'm buzzing just thinking about it. All the best to you, Hop Head
    Hey Ronin :)
    Loved the last post ;) Thought to swing in and spice the place up a little bit.
    hi mate good luck with your test grow
    would you happen to be the gentleman who started the UV discussion on grasscity a few months back? 13ronin I think?

    If so, nice seein you over here! And if not, well, nice to meet you lol
    R - Hows the Devils?? Hope you are good holmes. Positive vibes coming your way.
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