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  • Both of my older Bubba Kush are so bushy, I decided to let some light into the under brush, on one and
    I removed 16 shade leaves, and it's only a foot tall. It is showing primordial female calyxes now, I found them last night. Man, you can imagine the dense growth between internodes, there is no stretch, it's just stacked. So is the other slightly bigger one of the two. Yeah but if both female, how would I breed them, no pollen. But sometimes I do get very lucky and a few pollen sacks will grow, so I will get a few of those all female seeds. What a prized find... You have to let them grow out a bit longer than usual to make that happen. But it does on occassion. Fingers crossed.

    Hey you know, Thee best green is, and always has been Sativa.
    Think about Thai Sticks, and the most tasty very special Hawaiian. Kona, Maui, several others I'm not yet familiar with yet too. Um that Hawaiian Snow, sure sounds Devine.

    I've been thinking about your two Bubba Kush, if they turn out to be keepers you should breed them master skunk or Masterskaze. I bet it would be something special, at the least fun to play with and sample. I don't think I could ever get bored growing and breeding the the varied strains of canabis. It's a shame all the landraces have become hybridized, I would love authentic pure Thai Sativa or some Colombian gold. Could you imagine trying to grow twenty foot jungle bud indoors under Some lights? I think a greenhouse or outdoors would be the best way to tackle a pure Sativa. Do you prefer Sativa or indicate dominant plants?
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