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  • You never finished the thread man :) we need you.. Could ya throw some words up on how the buzz was.... Looked like you had a fat club style pheno that filled in all the way up the stem, and a spacey spear kinda pheno.... Thinking the spear had more haze smell, but wondering how the big fat pheno smelled? Strong haze smell?
    Did the plants smell skunk like? Or more Hazey Pine Incense?
    Wondering if i should expect fat thick stem short stocky skunky plants, or lanky tall spicey hazey girls :)
    Mate did you keep the Nev skunk? Wondering about the smells on it, and what you think? Im getting 1.5gram of it, and really curious on the terpenes and type of high... How dominate haze is ... How many 14 week type phenos I might find.... Or if its more fast broadleaf phenos than narrowleaf..... etc
    Hello there raydiator, Thanks for the great comments about my thread on Nevilles Haze. I mainly will show only pictures due to negative comments that make a thread less desirable to view and will stay neutral with any comments concerning a grow. Thanks for your interest with my threads, your pretty awesome too!. Peace. Resinbud
    Hi - Got a thread in the Strains- CBD crew section about my only CBD grow so far, CBD Shark. probably 2.5 wks from chopping
    Thanx 4 chking in jesse....The SSH are looking great made the 12 drive 2 michigan just fine....just waiting on my medical card so I can be all legal...where allowed 2 be the caregiver for five ppl for a total of 72 plants...so I'm running under the rader till I can get all my paper wrk in order....then Raydiator will be back with a vengence...hehehe
    Hey raydiator :)
    Hope all is well my friend, thought to swing in and give you a shout out. Hope the SSH is proving fruitful for you, one of my favorites from Shanti's pool.

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