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  • Hey mate hope all is well. Haven't seen you around much lately.
    Hope you had a good festive break. Take it easy.

    Hi. I'm sending you this PM because you've made a few posts suggesting Mango Haze growers look into Nugbuckets' mainlining method. I'm now about 2/3 through my first grow, and have recently acquired MNS Angel's Breathe. Afghan Haze, and The Doors, and would like to grow out the AB. Reading grow logs the thought of a 7-ft haze phono frightens me because I have a maximum of 73" from the floor of my 4x4 tent to the bottom of my COBs, and I'm already fighting stretchy plants that I topped once.

    I haven't been able to find much info on how well mainlining works to keep stretchy haze phenos under control. It seems a lot of the grow logs on MNS start seeds under 12/12 and even then they can get to 6' tall. Do you think I'd be OK vegging for ~ 3-4 weeks and mainlining into 4-cola plants?

    I appreciate any insight you might offer. Thank you.

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    What's happening my man? I've been meaning to shoot you a proper PM lately but you know how things go, not enough time in the day lately.

    I hope you're doing well in this mad time of year.

    Take it easy mate. Ciao.
    Hey buddy,
    Thanks for accepting my friend request. You’ve always had an answer for pretty much every question that I've raised here. Thanks mate. I always keep an eye out for your posts and replies. Your info always turns out to be rock solid! Thanks champ. I'll be seeing you around the traps!
    Whats stopping you from moving here?

    Getting a work visa seems pretty damn easy and the Cannabis industry is still not even close to capped off.

    I can give you info on obtaining a " badge" which allows you to work in virtually any position in the rmj/mmj industry out here. A friend who is a growers assistant for one of the big chain dispensary outfits told me they are planning to hire up to 100 new people next year. They are not the only ones, I'm sure...
    Hey Professor,
    Sorry for the delay!

    Wow, you have given me lots to think about! I am on the cusp of landing a nice gig out here, so we may be staying put in CO for a while longer.

    Yes, dispensary weed is bone dry and often harsh. Quick dried with no curing phase usually. The clones you can find are usually carrying popular names and mites... Not really keeper quality from what I have experienced. Ps are going for 12-1500 a piece lately.

    Man, that's a major bummer! I don't know how anyone can be so resistant to the idea of medical and recreational.. the tax revenue is unbelievable!

    I hope for your sake they legalize cultivation for medical patients and don't go the "government cheese" route. There is some kind of medical initiative in place now, yeah? I know RIU has an OZ medical thread under tje medical patients sub forum so I always assumed you guys were right where we are? Rec has to be coming, Australia must need money like everyone else! Write your representative:)
    Sorry mate must have deleted some of my reply, I meant those two trades are always looking for highly skilled people especially the mining sector. It has slowed down but 150k au$ is an average wage in the sector so the money is ok. Dude I would sell up all I own to take a shot at the scene over there, seems like alot of ego and try hards in the industry. Is the gear from the dispensaries really lame? I see alot of killer stuff on IG. What are the prices like somewhere like Colarado or Oregon? P's of course. It has been my dream for the last 20 years I dont think we will get a shot over here. Over here med mj will be a total cluster fuck, once the govt gets their shit together. Will be all grown and supplied by the government. They are really clueless as to the idea that each strain is different medicine for different people. I dont think we will see rec for 10+ years. Still illegal here atmo but long jail time is rare for cultivation.
    What do you mean "but electricians and welders"..?

    I am certified and proficient in both fields. Lol.

    Man, a lot of people still love it here. Come visit and see for yourself:) the legal dispensary weed is lame, just so you know.
    Most trades are in demand but Electricians and Welders /fabricators. Funny, looking at the legalization movement over there the thought had crossed my mind to go your way. Yeah that racial shit with the cops is pretty fukd up.
    Any tricks for moving to oz?

    Any trades that are in demand?

    The US is turning into quite the nasty place to live
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