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  • Hey B,

    Thank you for the smile. It is getting crunch time here. Say a week away from my lil ones surgery, and not many happy thoughts. That brought a smile.

    I will be back here more sooner than later. Just have more to deal with than normal. I am glad to know you. Your a good person, and I wish you the best in your grow. Maybe one day soon I can get out west to visit a few friends. Bestto you, and much conitnued success...Ns
    hello Mr B!.

    happy birthday matey!.

    Pat dont try to hard here, it aint worth it. Its turned into troll central.

    I only signed in to wish you Happy birthday and I hope you have a great day.

    take care and be lucky!.
    hey hey my man in the woods is now the fella with the tan
    B...Miss my friend. Wherever you are. I hope your well. If you get back here, and have the time. Shoot me a pm. I hope you've been able to make the move you mentioned...Ns
    How ya been, Pat? Been AWOL for awhile. Was working a 2nd job for awhile so wasn't spending a lot of time on line. Hope you are well, my friend. Holler at me sometime, bro.
    Hey Patrick, I do hope you are well, Sorry for the looooooooooong delay but I am back now as the Lord intended :)
    YouTube - Matt Monro - Born Free
    Catch up soon brother, here's to a great Summer, Pepe
    your gettin lazy in your old age hehe the B i know would have humped a shit load of water x country for miles dude hehehehe

    while your there fella ill say thanks for doin your logs over the years it was thanks to the likes of you that i did this years outdoor ....... so thanks fella keep goin
    hi pat pat you good fella?

    did you have a good outdoor? this year are you all in?

    i did just had a dryish smoke of my nev skunk dam fine ..dam fine
    Pat, haven't talked to you in a while bro. Just wanted to stop by and say what up. Hope you are doing well.
    Pat I could see you going around in Patrick's little blue pimp outfit...peace hope your well friend...Ns
    Thanks for the advice on the Amnesia...will try and find the thread you mentioned.

    Wishing you all the best, and pass my blessings to your plants from me.
    Thanks for the heads up, i figured that soil prep and location would be a new challenge but i'm starting off this year up there with auto's since i'll be up late season and that those are the only seeds that i have atm.

    I gave my shit, ash, and a cross i made that i like to call 'ashits' to a very trusted buddy because he's always got indoor running and i myself and solely outdoors atm, Plus he's got a homemade ezcloner. he's got cuts of all of those ready whenever i want them. I dont plan taking them to me with me but i was thinking of a place i know around here that's always nice and moist as long as there's no more than a two week drought or something. but yeah, i'll definatly be looking out for that shit thread to pop up again or even some OD in the fungeze
    Very nice pat, i know i can always count on you when i want to see someone killing it outdoor with shanti's gene's. My outdoor plans are kind of going to shit this year, i have two shit females that i've cloned the fuck out of, looking at about thirty some odd plants. I also have two bagseeds, one from a 'purple kush' that surprisingly looks alot like the clones i've seen on ic, also got a seedplant that was supposed to be master kush, looks way to sativa to me but it's really promising. sad thing is, i'm moving 12 hours north in about a week. so my plots here will be donated to good friends. Ima try to take a cut or two of shit with me along with some danish genes from a good friend, hopefully i can find some good area's in New England!
    hello Pat,

    no Indi dom's all sats FF's 4x hieght grumpy feeders "lightish" not my thing. And they are still going. the baby spice was 3weeks in 12/12 1week bud in the last pic 2nd march. And the other two are sativa as feck, need room so probally not finish completely.


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