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  • I opened a topic in the Mango Haze forum. Got a grow going. Hopefully, it replaces the haze I got stolen from me.

    I tried to start the grow three times previous and they all failed. It was MICE!!! They kept eating my plants! I am now mice free, thank God. Man, they are cute as hell, but they will do a number on a house.

    Well, I suppose that's about it. Hope my grow goes well. I like the mango haze though I am 99% sure my go to strain will always be The Medicine Man (White Rhino). I LOVE that stuff.

    Hope things are well with you, Jake.

    Well, one more thing. About 2 years ago, I had extreme discomfort mainly below my rib cage on the right side. I was convinced it is a hiatal hernia. Symptoms went away (I was getting remote energetic treatment - lengthy to explain so I'll let that go), came back again, and went away.

    Well, then they came back maybe 3 weeks ago. The symptoms are much worse than my heart. I now have insurance so went to the doctor. To make a long story shorter, it's my gallbladder. (I didn't know where that is!)

    I tried to salvage it such as with a liver cleanse, but forget it. I am following the doctor's suggestion based on an ultrasound of my gallbladder. I am getting it taken out.

    Anyway, weird and not so healthy times.
    Hi Jake,

    (Oops! I need to partition this – too long.)

    You still around, man?

    I have been kind of derailed by health issues. Turns out I have a badly calcified aortic valve and a bit wrong with my mitral valve. Aortic valve doesn't open much at all so it's like having a crimped garden hose. Doctor told me if I don't do anything, I'd likely be dead in about a year.

    Orthodoxy says I need open heart surgery. I was all set for it when friends urged an herbal regimen instead. Man, I said no a couple times, but they persisted a bit and after examination, decided to give it a try. It has been something like a month and a few folks have told me I look and sound a lot better. There is definitely improvement, but I am sure a ways to go.

    And yet if it doesn't work out, I'll have the surgery.
    Hey Jake,

    How ya doing? I'll catch you up a bit, man!

    Hope you're OK.

    Hi T man
    Hope you're well my friend. Haven't seen you around lately. Having fun in my part of the country, hope you are too bro!
    Hey Jake,

    Might you have a pH meter recommendation for me?

    My goodness do they flower slowly. They are flowering, but very slowly.

    Oh, the leaves for the most part look stellar. A couple plants have very mild brown on the outside of just a couple leaves. But, the vast bulk are totally green. No discoloration.

    That is where I am at Jake and I am hoping like crazy this long grow is a success. As you know my Ortega was not. What I yielded is nice (then again, I do not have a comparison), but my yield was awful as the coco locked out and they basically starved, I think.

    How are things with you, Jake?


    Man, great to hear from ya! I'll tell ya, life is such a frigging burden. But, I can say that the times I sit back to a couple brews and my smoke (generally about three times per week and always during my evening "shutdown" time), I feel GOOD!!!

    Thank God for that.

    I am sorry I missed your note until now.

    I am thinking of opening up a topic. I fell into a nutritional line that while quite expensive, resonates with me bigtime - Nectar for the Gods.

    I have a grow going. Started with 6 ssh and 6 mango haze. Got three males and now have 3 ssh and 5 mango.

    I did go 10 days at 24 and switched at that time. I began February 26. Two plants have to be 6' tall, maybe more. In fact, yesterday I tilted my bulb to better light them.

    Hey Jake,

    If you prefer, I can dialogue this in my topic in the forum, but I thought to talk here about nailing down the whole flooding procedure. I did read through the entire first post (and some that follows) though did not check the links. I do feel a bit antsy about the prospect of learning so much of the science what with me being so close to harvest (I am backing off about a week and predicting this Friday).

    Oh, one other thing. I did not see any reference to the subject of putting the roots in really hot water right after uprooting the plants. Can you maybe link me to that part?

    Anyway, at a high level, I want to keep the plants flooded for 3 days in complete darkness, right? And try to time it so that the 3rd day is when I would have harvested?

    Would flushing the plants morning and evening for each of the three days be considered adequate for flooding?

    If not, at least it would approach it, huh?

    Right on man. Isn't it amazing how Cannabis can provide so many different kinds of relief? I'm glad you have found something that works for you! I suffer from back pain and have found that our favorite plant helps more than anything given to me by the pharmaceutical pushers. I can't wait for more research to come out on the therapeutic qualities of the herb.

    Sweet! I dig man, thank you for the link.

    No bludgeoning is needed, you turned me on to some solid stuff.

    I hope you are having a great weekend!
    Yeah, they are the remaining original band plus some very special new members..... check it out man!

    Edit: who is dick? Where can I find his picks?

    How do you like Dead and Company?

    I missed my chance to see them earlier this year and have been kicking myself.
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