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  • Hey Nevil,

    Please come back online mate. You and I have so much in common that it's scary. I've been reading your conspiracy/NWO posts and your posts on suppressed technology and I'm totally beside myself that you're not here anymore!!

    Come back home Nev, your life's work is here mate.
    I swear to God right here and now I'm going to make it mission in life to find a way to get in touch with you.

    Fuck mate, you're too valuable to lose. I hope the guys at AusCann are doing right by you.

    Be safe mate and all the best!!!

    Nev I have some cuts to send you to try. See if you can tell me the lineage.. They're so tasty I thought they might be your babies..
    We are over here having Lamb with Egyptian Mint sause, and some Artichokes. Wish You were here Brother. Regards... DP
    Heyo, your pumice design rocks. Made a few improvements to the design, pics in a few months. Still not too sure on the nutes yet though. I can go into why there is another influx of trolls, but you already know the answer.. hope all is well
    lmao, like you did nev ???? thats why your in hiding now eh, why dont you tell me nev you prick ????? yeah jesse why dont you be a good boy and do as your rat bastard master says and ban me lmfao, not forgot about you nev trying to out another member here as well, the thread is still there, but thats why your in hiding you prick, dont ever forget that shit, so why dont you tell me nev to go get fucked lol ???
    If someone will raise the point to have you made The Moderator of all MNS
    I would gladly second that e-motion....

    Hi Nev check this out when you get time. It looks very promising and easy to build "Magnetic plasma through a coil dude! Who would have thought it could been so easy to produce energy" Oh well check it out and let me know what you think..

    The Key To Stanley Meyers Water Car, Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator, - YouTube

    The guys site has the patents
    Stan Meyer EPG | RWGResearch

    Cheers man
    big respect man for all your work you done over the years especialy the haze as that is my favourite especialy your selected ssh and nevil haze cuts

    hope to meet you one days and burn a few

    if your ever in uk or eu hit me up for a smoke

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