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  • Hey MG, of the ladies I put through I'd say over all not rock hard but solid tight for sure amongst the majority. The 1 that stuck out the most to me smelled like bubble gum the whole way through until I pushed her @ the end & she developed this sweet earth floral bouquet in addition to the gum then it fades with a delicious skunky funk. She looks very NL5 Haze dominant but with a nice braided fox tailing. Her yield was good for the veg time & stunning potency mostly above the neck line.

    Hope that helps. I'll be updating the thread with the results along with a few other gifts I worked on in a day or two.

    Haha, yes my friend! I think I have found my favorite of the bunch again! I'll know in a month or so when I can run 12 of them under a 600, but I'm really encouraged right now. When you handle the buds of this plant, your fingers smell like Head and Shoulders shampoo! I'm not sure whether it's from the Haze or the Skunk or the Afghan or what, but flavorwise, this is right up there with the SPG as a 'grail' type plant for me. I hope I can get another pack soon, I want to make lots of f2s :)
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