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  • Hi L33t mate. I've lost your phone number so could you please give me a bell soon and we'll have to hook up for some cheesy honeybee action, ya dig?
    Happy Holiday's L33t!

    your NH info was spot on. Thank you for sharing, much love!
    Greetings L33t,

    Could you steer me on to your grow logs please?

    RedEye 420 says some of the macros were "stellar"...anyways I'm new to the Mr. Nice forum (and indoor growing) and really enjoying this learning experience.


    Hi L33t

    sent a message to you asking for a 300dpi copy of hazylanina01 and the other photo with the dry bud of la nina in your hand...do you think you can do that to scott.blakey@bluewin.ch for me? asap since I want to include it in a chech publication this week i do.let me know and hope you and your bro are doing fine Sb
    Hello L33t ,

    Thanks you for all the information you share on the forum !!

    Great Work ;)

    Bye , Defjey
    Hey L33t I shot you a pm and if you had time would appreciate some help, if you dont have time right now I understand.
    Hey L33t, I'm a new guy here and just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed reading your threads/posts. You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best. Cheers, Hop Head
    Hey Mr. L just a drop by to say heywhatchadoing. Hope all is well in your part of the world brother. Busy with the Haze hybrids, its gonna get crazy around here soon.LOL Ale
    Hi L, thanks for taking the time to help me with a general plan for my haze grow. It is considerably helpful... when is your photo book of cannabis being published. I like to be one of the first to buy a copy if I may...

    Love and respect,

    Hey L whats up. Wondered how you been. Still havent got the camera but I will soon. I am definitely getting the one you recommended. Got shot down several times on ebay but Ill get one. Hope all is well with you. Ale
    Thanks L33t I like your avatar. You have a lot of talent with the camera. Can you recommend an inexpensive camera that would have a decent macro function. Appreciate your help. Ale.
    Thanks m8 its good to be here.....Hopefully I will have a collection of Shanti's strains to grow next season.....cheers Kanga !
    great posts man, and cool avvy too, lol. i'm learning a lot from the MNS forum and you're one of the many here making that happen, keep doin what your doin.
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