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    hey kyle hope all is well, wondering how your golden Tiger went have some in the fridge.

    hey jesse where can i buy one of those? i alread have the bong.

    Hey Kyle, thanks for the good threads and replies. I respect your knowledge and you dont need to post up all kinds of journals to know who has the special touch and who doesn't... thanks for sharing and keeping it AAA every time...
    I must say the Bubba impressed me in one area especially. Tolerence build up. Sure it's strong and tastey but I smoked it exclusively for many months and found it to be just as effective medicinally at the end of the few months as it was in the beginning. Really nice if you can only grow one variety for medicine.
    One is a California Lavendar and the other is a Bubba Kush. Both are pretty tasty. Especially the Lav. It's magically delicious. :)
    Are those 2 pics your Critical Haze?
    Hi kyle,
    Caught your post on the keylimekush, and thought it great to see someone actually using their head out there. There is without question a next big hype to come, and another after that as well. Ive been pushing this message for years. Great to have you on the forum, look forward to more post from you in the future :)
    Kyle, One thing I definitely agree with you on is that in terms of DJ's breeding style(one male) this bottle necks a line very quickly and can lead to negative traits even with the greatest care taken on selections. DJ says he breeds for the effect first, and all other traits a distant second. Above all else, and this may have led him down paths most plant breeders would run screaming from, this is why I am here to peer into the abyss. Look into the weirdness that is brassica breeding(look up "triangle of u") and you may understand better where I come from and the path I have taken to get here. I am a bit opinionated, but mean no harm. I look forward to sharing more ideas with you in the future. Hope all is well in your life, AgD
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