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    Magpie, missing you long time... holla at yah boy... One,

    Blue Jay
    Merry Hanuka, and Happy Christmas... please be safe on those walks through the dark orchard. 8 your spirit brother from the 4th internode! Bless Up brother Double... JackieChana
    JJ hows things bud ? miss ya posts man ..

    Good to see you around. Hope your well, and when you feel up to it. Send me a note. Best to you bro...Ns
    Hey JJ!You are for sure "the" funniest man here on mns.You made me laugh till tears comes out,and you have started some great community threads...
    U rock dude! looking forward to our chats in future...
    oh yeah, i had it backwards! 2-weeker, holy smokes! im heading off into the unknown myself, with all the summer holiday celebration i may never return-RIP bakedbeans...
    Hey, hey buddy, i check-in and you check-out... This must be Hotel California!!!
    hey thnks bro.I broke that camera by droping it Im using the old one 7 megapixle and bad iso range. thats why the others look grainy and less apealing.I spent hours fiddling around to get the right iso and shutter speed for my eye then bam. start from scratch.with a inferior well man.:)
    Hi mate, thanks for your vote of confidence in me. It gave me a good chuckle. We are living through twilight zone type times so clear coherence in regards to our modern world and large numbers of people are a tad low, still at this time. Many people may think what I may share as wacky and off the wall but I can see there's a few wackos in here so I feel at home amongst those who are also only semi wackos or non wackos that would like to pass out tin foil hats. A few true friends goes a long way eh. Thanks for visiting and sharin the love around brother.
    Hey jj, I hope you haven't been shot by Dodge City's trigger happy cops since I typed "Hey jj..." !?
    GDay Jondo , hope the floods in Victoria arent affecting you mate !
    The flower pics should be in memory of "bakedbeans" LOL!!!
    Hey bro, "NICE" start to the thread!!! i got a bunch of pics and stuff to upload but im coming!!! Sweetness!!!
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