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  • Hi JessE
    Let Me Blow Your Mind ; The Last Time I Smoked Some Green Was Before Christmas 2008
    One More Month And I'll Be Smoking Amsterdams Best
    A Early Birthday Present For Me ( July2) And A Celebration Of The Wifes Succesful Chemotherapy
    Want To Find The Ultimeate Smoke For Our Five Day Break ( May14-19 )
    I Have Given Up Trying To Aquire Meds U.K Wide After Depositing Money In Ripz Account
    He Took The Money, And Ran
    Sadly This Is The Second, And Last Time I Trust Someone
    I Will Be Doing Some Testers For Shanti Though, So Not All Is Lost
    I'm Dedicating More Time To This Site , Because I Have Never Been Let Down Here By Currently Active Members
    Stakkin And Herbie Both Profited/ Or Took Advantage Of My Kindness
    I'm No Big Wig , But Certainly Have More Morals Than Them
    Materialism Aint My Bag, Which I Wish I Could Say The Same About Them
    Although I Never met The Herbalisor , I Did Give Him My Entire Seed Collection, And Two Brand New XL Homeboxes And Brand New Adjustashades ( Defenders ) So He Could Grow Me Some Meds
    Never Ever Saw Any Return
    Now They Are Taking Advantage of thc
    If Only Knew Of His Tactics ( I Gave Them The Homeboxes To Give To Him )
    I'm Venting , I Know , But Regardless , I'll Still Pop Off A Crop Under The Sun Which Will Satisfy My , And My Ladies Needs
    And I'll Be Doing A Uber Thread To Accompany My Positive Thinking
    JessE ; I'm A Soft Touch , But Am Not Put Off By Greed And Manipulation
    Forgiven , But Not Forgotten
    Hey Joe, just stopping in to say hello friend. :)
    Congrats on stayin clean, Joe :D I have close to 6years w/o a drink, and reading others' perspective on life (Kahlil Gibran, Emmet Fox, Og Mandino, Bill Wilson, etc...) really helps me stay grounded.
    Hey Joe (guess u get that a lot..). I was thinking of popping some trc karen i ran into a while back, but i saw u saying elsewhere it was a bit of a sheep in wolfs clothing. Never grew any trc. Do u think i should wait on Shanti's whites instead. Any advice much appreciated,
    Hey Joe,
    The G13xHashplant was a variety Neville originally created years ago, but is more closely associated now with Sensi Seeds than with Mr. Nice (at the moment anyway, right?). I believe Ben at Sensi named the G13xHashplant after Howard Marks, kind of an honorary thing. So im not sure if that particular variety was grown by anyone here at MNS, although its not out of the question by any means.
    Hi JessE:)
    Why Thanks For The Compliments
    I'LL Dig Up And Transfer The Images Over
    But The Large Plant Was From A Image I Saved From Cannabis World Days ; It's Apparently In Germany
    I Have Just Germinated Some Blue Godbud ( Argh ) And Am Looking Foreward Towards This Strain
    I Have Been Very Fortuneate In The Past To Be A Test Grower For Both Breeder Steve Of Spice Of Life Seeds , And Also Lonestar , Of The Texas Resin Company
    I,ll Work On Creating An Album;)
    I Also Forget Where These Two Plants Of Mr Nice Heritage ( Cross Hashplant ) Came From
    I Wish I Could Say They Were Mine:eek:
    Joe, how are you friend?
    Ive been curious about a picture I noticed you posted, and was wondering if you could post it in a larger format for me? There was one of a guy, with a smiley face photoshopped over his head. He was carrying a pretty massive plant, and I presume that was either you or someone you know correct? Its one of those pictures I havent forgot since I seen it. Very nice stuff my friend. Hope to see it again in a larger version soon.
    Hey Joe,
    Just checked out the rest of your photobucket account, well most of them atleast. You have some beautiful pictures, I encourage you to post them up here at the very least. You're clearly a skilled grower my friend, you would be a welcomed addition to the forum by any growers standards imho.

    And I love your Rottys, big fan of them myself! The last one I had died years ago now, but what a beautiful soul she was! Some of the finest dogs Ive ever had the pleasure to spend time with.
    Hey Joe :)
    Welcome to the forum, look forward to seeing you participate more often.

    Just wanted to get at you and say hi dude.
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