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  • I think the mks is a possible killer strain. I have only grown 3 females. All super bushy, intense smell. Unfortunately they didn't fully finish outside here. I am at 49 north. The pic is a critical skunk. A keeper. Superb flavor. Giant yield. The pic was 6 Oz from a five gal pot.
    Jerry what did you think of the Master Kush Skunk? Your outdoor photo looks like a nice plant. How is the smoke? I'm shutting down my indoor grow at the end of the summer and will only be keeping one mother from my current group.

    Ive got an auction straw of the MKS and the Master Kaze, thinking of doing a true pheno hunt on one of those two before going back to the heavy Haze side.

    I'd appreciate your feedback.
    I love your name, Jerry!
    Did you score 3 times?
    I feel like a "Jerry Hatrick" myself sometimes.... getting on and all that!
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