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  • Hi I'm also having troubles communicating with you via email. My order has been paid for, & the status hasn't changed after 6 days of no contact. The order # is 7983. Please check your records.
    I've responded to several of your emails but I don't think your getting the replies.

    I'm not sure how else to get a hold of you.

    The emails are in regards to order#7094. Please check your emails. I also messaged on here as well.

    I really want this issue sorted so you can send out my order asap.

    I think I’m now on the friends list.
    I sent an email concerning a few auction wins.Id like to get a few more wins and get everything sent in one package.
    Hey J, any chance at seeing some grail widow packs back at the auction. I was really wanted to get a pack but they sold out before I could.
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