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  • Hey there fxginbcn,
    How's life treating you at present my dude? Everything all good? I should hope so. Just want to thank you for the work you do here man. You’re doing a stellar job of things bro. Take care & comb your hair champ.

    See you around the boards matey! Peace! ✌
    Do something about this frigging guy please. Putting me on blast is not how this is going down. He is a hound on a scent because his shits weak and I think its best to get rid of him. I am normally not like this but last night drew the line. As I am sure is the reason you closed a good thread.
    Thanks! I aiming to get at least 1, 000 more sigs on ea petition! Aiming too high? Hope not! Wanta get these couch potatoes motivated! I'll try to come up with a catchy thread title & get that thread up by tomorrow afternoon!
    - Thanks again! :D
    Hey guy, how the heck are you? Look.... I'm on my soap box, & I'm asking you to help me fight the good fight! I'd like to start a thread for petitions & invite all the legalization orgs to post their petitions with links for signatures. Do I have your blessings, or would this be a no no? (Please say yes! I've read that only an estimated 13% of smokers are activist!) I've already started this on another forum, but keep in mind I did ask you first a couple months ago.... :) Hope to hear back from you soon! :D
    Hope you see me hounded like a fox. I am being as kind as I am treated. And giving out positive information for other members.:) I just dont understand the issue of the name calling then I am singled out?! Called a liar and I must put up with this and stay positive?
    G`day fx
    Further to our conversation re the Haze Bros . As we spoke I remembered some posts regarding . But I find the search button on the board hard to navigate . But today I saw a quote re the info I was trying to locate so here`s a link
    I also read a HT article re the Haze Bros an a trip back East as referenced in this annecdote .
    Safe travvels
    Elmer Bud
    Hey now! Havent seen you around in a bit and WHAM there you are giving blunt twisting lessons.HAHA Hope all is well Brother.Ale
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