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    Blessings Dawny... you know we are already friends, but lets make it official eh!!! Lol, keep up the great work man, your grows have developed since I first rememer meeting you on the boards and you sharing you touching story with so many. I still think of you and your wife. My regards to you and those you care for and lets be happy!!!


    Hi Dawn,

    I hope your feeling well, and your wife as well. The new year will bring good for us all I feel. For now a happy holidays, and a most merry christmas to you...Ns
    Aloha & Happy new year Dawn, been out in the bush chopping up a downed Koa tree for the last week. It was raining the whole time but back to civilization and my computer now. thanks for the Christmas shout out! Aloha LOPAKA
    G`day Dawn
    How are you goin?
    Just a memo ; Coops got another pick em cont comin up you wanna have a go?
    Thanks for sharin .
    Elmer Bud.
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