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  • Yo, boss :D

    Life is good back east, cocobrovah. Droppin the rest of the (labeled) superspices in a few days :D
    Hi bud :)
    Thanks for swinging in, ultimately your question could only be answered by Shanti with any certainty. When it comes to the NL5 x Hz, there could be a number of possibilities which are plausible. Generally when I see a pedigree similar to the one in question Ive got little doubt we're talking about a respectable line.

    Good luck my friend :)
    Yeah, I feel the same way, lol. sativalvr is like 30yrs in the game, and posted in my thread "...your experience comes thru...I will have stiff competition in the 20oz grow.." :p Lol, dood has 28 years head start on me, lol.

    I will say that as of ~July/August (almost exactly 2 years), I began to feel like I have a basic handle on the grow. Up till then, I was deffo learning on the job :D I hope that I NEVER stop learning thru growing.
    The 'whose strains are realler' threads seem to pop up every year around the Cup...

    I just laugh and smoke kindbud. I'm on board at mr nice for the most selfish of reasons - if there is a problem, Shanti backs em up. That's REALLY 90%+ of why I preach MrN.

    I bet a selection from 30+ SuperSpices (like the one I got;) ) would hang with any cup winners. Hell Soma started a whole company with a Hawiian indica, and a hazy male...


    Yo, I dropped 12 EQ x Shit (EQ from the last ~2months in my thread, Shit male from the 'got the shits.. thread) and 8 'mergencies (from a batch of SSH f2 and SuperSpice) today. Stay tuned!
    It WOULD be some shit if it was Uncle Ronnie, cause he's been dead for like 10 years :D when I first saw it, I thought that it may be his son (also Ronald), but it was just some dood named Ron Reagan :D

    Yo, I bet GDP is sk x afghan all jumbled up. It's a clone, no? Could be anything. Prolly fire bagseed ;)
    Hah aww foreals? i thought it was Ronald Reagan the president thats wat it said on the news website bunch of bullshitters hah hereing Reagan get locked up made me smile for a sec....o well
    Yo Bo! :D
    Lol, it snowed ~2" of slop on Oct 15 here. If it was ~2 degrees colder, it would have been an 8" event. I left a SSH and Devil (?) out with the intention of going to get them after the snow, but I didn't want to go back to my spot. Did you read my buddy's thread @ icmag about the cams in his spot? I figgured that it wasn't worth the risk to go back and MAYBE get ~3oz. More likely it would have been molded, and I didn't want to risk it. If I didn't have an indoor grow going, I prolly would have gone back :D

    First hard freeze (under 30 for 4+ hrs) wasn't until ~Nov 4ish here, though. Avg first frost is ~Oct 15ish. Last year it was Sept 27th...
    Yeee i'm one of the only ppl i kno personally that likes readin over n over again bout bud strains and everything bout it all my boys come to me wen they got ?'s....but they still leave wit the wtf face haha

    ppl jus don't understand or don't want to but yea i feel u on that its easy to get amazing pot thats wat makes me so mad wen i get bunk its like r u really that much of a asshole u got pick the bud early or not take time to cure or anything......assholes hah

    yea its only high 70's rite now its been kinda cloudy but wer gettin bak into the Sunshine soon

    N i'm in Northern Cali but more close towards central
    yeah there shouldn't be any problems with it being wet/cold. only in the 70's? im from PA and it's been in the eightys here. are you in nor-cal? i wanna more to trinity county some day. All you lucky fucks out there have it so good. i know one guy that can get good bud, you know something with a name not just mids and its been steady since like 99 and where does it come from? cali, brought to him in qp bricks layed in plastic through the mail. crazy shit. That's one reason why im trying to get things going myself. i want to show poeple that its easy to get amazing pot. just gotta do a little work. no one that i know even knew what a strain was until i started research. feels good to educate. lol
    yeah for real, P has done alot for me eventhough i haven't got the oppertunity to goo full force with it. He's usually on at least everythree days. i know he's going bigger this year but i dont remember his absence this much during od. i really hope nothing happened to him, he's like the best bud i got between here and ic. so how's cali?
    hi mate thats great news
    theres nothing like dirt under your nails
    hey BudBo, how is in Cali ?
    any info for me where to find Purple Urkel or grandady purps

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