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    Hey buddy,

    How are ya holding up mate? Wow! That's gotta be tough living in such a condensed environment and trying to maintain a 100% clandestine and discreet operation. I'm a little at a loss when you say you're running a 'contractor'? You're not talking about one of those automated lamp movers, are you?

    Are you guys friendly with the neighbours on both/all sides of your house? Is having a cup of tea/coffee with the neighbours out of the question? You might be able to get a feel for what the neighbours are capable of hearing that way.

    In relation to my problem, I've germinated all 5 NL5 x Afghans and have since planted them in biodegradable coffee cups with a mixture of cocco and perlite lastnight.

    As I have no grow gear at my house I'm raising these little guys up under natural light until the seedlings express true leaves and then I'm taking it over to my mate's & in the tent.

    I've gotta split for now mate, I'll talk to you again shortly.

    Take care mate..
    G'day Beau,

    It's always good to hear from you champ! How's life treating you? I'm ok, just proper pissed off and feeling a tad unappreciated. Cheers for dropping by again and giving me a chance to vent a bit.

    Also, thanks for pointing out how I misplaced my last message to you. I wasn't even aware of it without you bringing it to my attention. Thanks again for that man!

    From the looks of things I'm pinpointing it to the moment that they were placed between the paper towels!

    The reason why I say this is because when the seeds were inspected 24 hours after they initially were placed under the moist paper towels only two of the five had cracked and had a healthy, decent sized taproot on them.

    Lucky I kept 5 back-up beans out of the pack, huh??
    I popped them lastnight/this morning and what do you know? I've got a 100% germination rate!!

    Sorry to whinge and bitch in your ear bro. It’s just furiating being in my position.
    Hey Beau,

    How's it going mate? Its good to hear from you man. Thanks for replying to my thread regarding the 2 seedlings per 1 seed issue. It’s nice to be able to discuss this with someone who has experienced the same thing as myself. So you just opted to cull the weaker one? Do you think it's at all possible to separate the two seedlings from the same jiffy without causing any adverse affects to either of the infants? And when you suggest growing them up to be big enough to clone, do you mean I should let them remain in the same jiffy puck as eachother?

    Sorry to bombared you with so many questions all at once. Take it easy mate.
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