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  • Hi,

    I am new to this forum and so don't know what is going on. Are there legal issues and if so, do you live in the United States.

    Here is why I ask.

    Adask's law | The Profit of Injustice

    I know this guy as I used to go to weekly law meetings when I lived in the Dallas area. He is well known in the sovereignty movement.

    Anyway, if you go in that site, in the right pane there are many topics. One is "Man and Other Animals." It appears the drug statutes all contain that phrase and Adask supports a unique defense - freedom of religion and claiming that with his religious beliefs, he is not an animal and thus the statutes do not apply to him. Along with that, he cites his belief in the Declaration of Independence and Genesis 1 of the Bible.

    He basically says no government would want a jury trial to hear such a defense.

    I am so sorry for whatever you are going thru.

    All the best...

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