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  • Hi admini your a moderator aren't you ? I've bid on an auction is it possible to have my bid removed as its not what I thought it was ! It's the holiday hamper 5 ! Previous holiday hampers included 5 packs of seeds and in the pictures it shows these but unfortunately they are not included this time !
    You can hide behind your new politics(policy), it remains that you are dishonest towards this competition(help) of June, and to give you no valid explanation for more than a month. And my post has no report(relationship) with the fact that your options of photos do not work. Do not answer, if it is to say nothing. Thank you.
    admin for what i can gather bushweed has requested for his account to be deleted for security reasons, not sure what the hold up is if thats the case as he seems pretty desperate but for the love of god man if that is the case can you please delete the guys account asap ffs, im not the only 1 who has noticed this, how many days now is that the guy has been waiting ???? if im wrong and he dont want his account deleted then i apologize but if thats what the guy is asking for then what is the hold up, he has mentioned he is worried and is concerned, please dont fuck about with people's security admin, that shit is not right man.
    Can't fathom why you're dragging your feet on this. All the while I'm just waiting for the cops to come around.
    Hope all is well. Been off the boards for a while. Thanks for all the interesting reads you generously provide. Ale.
    Hey Admin, not sure if this is the right place but can't find any other. It's been fun but it's time to move on. Could you please terminate my membership. Thanks in advance.
    High Admini, thanks so much for making my time here at Mr. Nice amazing. I appreciate your effort and wanted to pass you a nice spliff of appreciation. Happy Holidays and all the best in 2012. CM
    bonjour,je voudrais vous remercier pour votre travaille,je trouve ce forum vraiment tres instructif.j ai vraiment faim de conaissance,mais mon manque d'experience risque de me pousser a poser des questions qui pourrons paraitrent stupide,ou de poster dans la mauvaise section. je tiens a vous comfirmer que mes intentions ne sont pas de saturer ou saboter les discutions sur ce forum.merci d avance et bonne continuation a toutes l equipes mns.
    yo dude if you got a spare mow stick some more of your tunes up on butta radio,i allways buzz of your choise of music good
    spoke too soon! lol.

    avatar shows on my profile page, but not in posts lol.

    i will reload avatar again later when home to see if that solves this last little piece.

    thanks for the help Admini and sorry for your hasle.

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