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    good god ive been busy for a couple of days and i log on today and shanti thinkin of jackin it all in ...wat the fuck,,,strange days
    Dude its more than a tenna, remember all that info you sharred about Harrlem well i owe you big time. thanks mate im a click away if you need anythink
    Hi guys and gals!

    I'm deleting my account for now. As soon as my internet security is up to scratch I'll be back in a flash, hopefully in a couple of months or so. Nothing is wrong, I haven't been threatened or anything like that, I'm just taking precautions, in this world of ours it's probably for the best.

    Until then, take care and be safe.

    Love you all.

    your profile should now be working smoothly again - thx for your patience and all the best - admini
    Hello Hash m8 ,
    Hows it going fella?
    tried some bio bizz soil recently holy shit it was infested with the fastest fungus gnats ive ever seen ,those fkers could really shift.
    Would you have any suggestions on a bug free soil i can purchase m8?
    good on you and yours fella
    Hey hey just a pop in to say hey. I have lots of Shanti babies going. AfxH BW Critical Haze and Pink Floyd. Where to put them all? LOL Hope all is well with you brother and forum friend. Alegoblin
    Noticed you online and thought to swing in and say good day mate. :)
    Hey # :)
    Always nice to hear from you mate. Trust all is well in the world, and you're holding out fine?
    Flip worked out good brother #. Got temps down now in the mid 70s f. Feel like I am back in control. I'll be on nanner patrol for a few days, but I bet everything will be alright. You better root for the US today.LOL Ale.
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