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resinbud 06-08-2014 01:23 AM

Medi Haze 10 feet under, in the Tropics x 5

Great pictures headed your way ! :cool:


resinbud ;)

resinbud 06-11-2014 12:20 AM

Five Beauties and some internal shots

resinbud 06-13-2014 01:02 AM

Pictures 12345 are in no specific order and will choose a female in the coming months as my keeper or two and the ? remains.

The short #1 is really nice.
The second #2 is really nice.
as well as #3,#4, and #5.:D


resinbud ;)

PrimalHaze 06-13-2014 02:25 AM

Looking good! what is like growing in corn meal?

resinbud 06-17-2014 10:44 PM

Pass me the beans and cornbread he he.
PrimalHaze, that is playground sand and is turning yellowish from the organic soil below it, and use it to control White Flies as they scratch their wings and find it intolerable for laying eggs that's all.


Resinbud ;)

resinbud 06-26-2014 04:04 AM

Divine Love from natural thought
I first want to say THANKS! for following my thread on MediHaze what a plant!:D
I wanted to share something heart felt I believe most of you will be able to understand as I sit here High on LaNina
The purpose for growing this Amazing strain was to help a PTs husband I have been friends with for for over 25 years and has stage 4 Cancer, he Died by the way, and all I have left for him is his five plants meant to save his life.

I didn't hear about his Cancer until way too late for any type of treatment with the way chemo makes you feel and is aweful.

I guess what I am trying to say is be kind to your neighbor and help your spirit friends as Life is about only this helping one another.:)

The Lord's presence, morover, is not like the Presence of a man occupying Space, but is a presence devoid of space, which is that He is in greatest things and He himself is in least things.

I know it is only with difficulty that a man can grasp this idea, because it is only with difficulty that he can remove space from ideas of his thought.

It can be grasped by angels, however, into whose ideas spaces do not enter.

In this respect spiritual thought differs from natural thought and wanted you to know the difference from my Death experience and that it is very peaceful when your there just different spiritual senses you never mastered.



HairyKushna 06-26-2014 11:50 AM

that is why it is a good idea for everyone to get some sort of higher cbd variety.
even if you don't know someone who is in need of it now, you may soon.
and if you have to wait to get the seeds, and then grow them out, it will be at least 4-6 months till you have some. some times that is too long of a wait.
if you have a mother sitting around waiting, at least you can get some clones into flowering asap, and cut that time down.

I got a pack of sns widow for this reason, after almost having some yummy first.(and I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those snooping cops ;) )
so now there is a sns widow mother and some cuts are about to flower.
too bad another person I know was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
it is only stage 1 but he has decided to go the surgery route.
ive tried telling him he may be able to beat it with cannabis, but I don't think he believes in it or just doesn't think he can sit around and be stoned all day, he has to run his company.
so ive tried to explain that he wont get as high of cbd or mixed oils, and that he could beat the cancer before he's even scheduled to go in for surgery, which is coming up on the 8th. I told him he could take a trip, get his medicine, and take cbd oil in the day so he can get his work done, and take oil with more thc when he gets home and before bedtime.

if I had some cbd meds ready, on hand, maybe I could have helped save this guy from going under the knife. he is an avid bike rider who rides his bike 15 miles to and from work every day, weather permitting. after the surgery, he will be unable to ride his bike for the next year. and overall, I think taking the hash oil route would be less expensive than the surgery.

resinbud 06-28-2014 04:14 AM

Yes, everyone should have at leat one just in case.
HairyKushna, thanks for stopping by and sharing your story much appreciated as I see this as ALL medical for everyone.

When I was at this PTs house, I always remembered him as a Massive Body Builder type person full of strength, and when I went to his place to get him on the Rick Simson Oil, I felt death in the air Yet he was still very positive about wanting to live with me as the caretaker for 24 hour supply for 90 days.

I like always sharing my experience with death with those that want to listen so it comforts them before passing.

I didn't have any High CBD strai but I did keep him supplied with MW #5 for one month before passing.

When death is in the room You as a human will feel it as Life came in fast and goes out faster.

When the Word is read as a person who treats it as holy, then in the second heaven its natural sense becomes spiritual, and in the third celestial,as the natural is successively shed.

This happens because there is a correspondence between the natural,spiritual celestial,and the Word is written by means of nothing but correspondences.

The words natural sense is at it is in the literal sense, all of which becomes spiritual, and then celestial, in the heavens.

And when it becomes spiritual, then it there lives from the light of truth in it, and when it becomes celestial it lives from the flame from with in it.

The thoughts of angels are utterly different from those of people on earth.

Their thinking takes place by means of light, either brilliant white or flame like, these are beyond the range of natural description.

These facts make it clear that the Word is inwardly alive, and so is not dead but living for a person who has holy thoughts about the Word when he reads it.

Moreover,everything in the Word is made alive by the Lord, for it becomes life with the Lord, Amen

peace, resinbud;)

PrimalHaze 06-29-2014 03:29 AM

Roll up a joint of La Niņa and roll up some hush puppies with that there cornmeal.

Sorry to hear about your friend with cancer. I'm sure we can all relate to your situation.

resinbud 09-28-2014 12:13 AM

What a DELAY! had a few problems with grow.
Hi everyone ! All I can say on the matter is I almost lost all of my prized mommas do to a serious bout of paranoia same as my past days involving chprs and not the ones you ride.

Let me say this about these spectacular phenos of Medi Haze, as #3 was chosen, along with #5 for the following reasons.

#3 is the Cannatonic pheno with smaller leaves and the smell is incredible! This pheno is short with staulky branches full of resin and I havent even flowered her.

#5 is the Super Silver Haze Pheno and is a MASSIVE pheno covered in resin glands even before flowering has taken place and a beautiful smell.

I believe those out of control phenos people are mentioning is the Nevilles Haze Pheno as this #5 pheno looks just like a SS haze Momma with a full plant that is solid looking.

Just my opinion but it looks like the #3 pheno would be the shortest pheno taking on the High CBD parents Look as it looks nothing like an MNS strain that I have seen so must be the Daddy Gene as it appears very manageable to grow along with #5 the SS pheno What a Beauty!

Pictures to follow shortly of my survivors.

I actually balled up all my mommas into circles to get rid of and hid them in the woods until all was clear, and the next day I went and found them all balled up out of panic and began the process of saving them.

I had two Medi hazes marked so I knew what they were. as well as MW#5 and Smelly Cure that is Amazing smoke.

One by one I found a few cuts and cloned them but lost MW#5 my prized Giant! gone after 3 years :(

Anyway, I will share my rescued plants soon as #3,#5 Medi haze were re cloned and are beautiful now as before.

My Cure Land Race Sativa Smelly One is GORGEOUS!!!!!Red high lights SAVED! Amazing Smoke.

Thats why I havent been around and will finish what I started.

Pictures soon.



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