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Old 04-10-2015, 12:03 AM
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Question Eraced Medi Haze Pictures ?

Hello Everyone and hope your well.

Not really sure why five pictures were eraced above this posting and have no clue what happened to them?

I can't download pictures as it says disc is full and not quite sure what that means?

The pictures I want to share of Medi Haze are awesome in appearance and the high is euphoric and smooth.

This particular pheno of Medi Haze is a very big girl and makes chunky type buds easy to manicure.

Anyway I will try showing new pictures when this problem is re solved for downloading new pictures as unable at the moment.

I thought the disc space was unlimited for All Members am I correct?

More to come if allowed to post them.

This variety doesn't like High Heat and it hermied late in flower but no seeds.


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