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righteous brah! i think through the haze i figured the three pheno thing out, thanks.
i have yet to see the skunk dom finish out heheh since the skunk makes up a large portion of the cross makes sense to see a shorter fuller set. please post pics of that lass when she swells ok?

the afghani pheno flavor is the shite that dreams are made of also. when i brush up against the leaf it sets off the scent of unbelievable delight and freshness which is even better tasting when it is time to smoke. this girl is all day long a keeper from the cradle. i will devote my self to this pheno for sure and get that other pheno hopefully from the remainder of the beans..this is the Afghani tight budded sis who is a true winner.
i am going to post some last evening picks of the hazy lady who i also love. hell of a thing 2 fems of 5 beans and they both are classics. i am starting to think maybe shantibaba n'crew have crossed something here that seems to produce a super female no matter what the pheno is. wonderful work gents wonderful work

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