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Hiya Herb

Originally Posted by theherbalizor View Post
Day 35.
Hope all is well mate.Nice updates! She looks lovely indeed. Did she slow down stretching at all during this last week?

I agree she looks bit N deficient but the tops still look dark green and curled from too much N she had at some point. Its difficult to correct N overfert ,especially in soilless mediums , without facing some yellowing on older growth as when you try to help by stop feeding N , the plant uses the stored N from the older big leaves (which eventually yellow) and not from the new growth/tops which stays dark green n curly with a brittle-dry/glassy-fragile texture. The newer growth is like the last reserve of N supply and used up last by the plant. So even when you stop N the problem stays and only the older growth goes back to the normal lime-green color but then starts progressively to yellow and the curled tops still stay dark green.. So then you need to add more N to balance things and get the old yellow leaves back to green but this has even more severe effects to the dark green curled tops showing N overfert signs. A way to avoid this is to make sure you keep constant low feeding schedule. Avoid fast changes in the nute quantities that the plants receive from the medium. Sats hate big changes and love constant environment , be it temps , humidity or food . Thats why sats 'prefer' slow-release ferts , its not that they 'hate' liquid ferts like some people say, they need a constant feed is all.

Its very good to see her budding up profusely already , I am certain now that she is a relatively practical pheno , within the 13-16 week range or so and she seems a good yielder too , the bud tops look quite dense and since the last update she seems to have stopped a bit growing vertically and she is filling up. Love the training you did on her , she will definitely make use of all the available light. Keep it up

Looking forward to the next updates

cheers , Haz3

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