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Well ..that shows exactly how everybody should be growing these sats indoors! Well done herb , i am sure by keeping it compact it will give you very solid/hard nugs even if airy pheno. She looks better and better day by day

By the way I was wondering since you have a light fully devoted to this nice lady , have you ever thought of using the light bulb vertically and train her around it. I dont usually grow vertically due to number of plants but when I have few 1-6 it seems to work better as no light is lost and the light is easily placed in the center, so I was thinking it might be a good idea depending how she grows from now on. Do you have a cool tube reflector herb? I see some glass there?

Great job again man. Thank you for sharing the pics..Its really a pleasure watch her grow man..looking forward to the next updates .
cheers , Haz3

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