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Hi all

I transplanted the plants to 2-3 liter pots , potting mix is 1/3 coco , 1/3 soil and 1/3 perlite. They had rooted in an aero cloner system and they were transplanted in soil pots 2 days before flowering, so the roots were quite stressed , I gave some Superthrive in their water and foliar fed EJ Catalyst which has kelp in it and is good for promoting root growth.

They are under a 125w cfl till now and I am turning on 600w HPS today as well in order to give em intense light for a nice start .

In this garden shot pic below , all the clones are Neville's Haze except the 2 plants in the low end right and left corners which are the Cheese cuts.

cheers , Haz3

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