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Old 02-05-2012, 09:26 PM
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Mushies didn't work for me. I was trying to 'skip' a cluster a few years ago, and I tripped 2x's in a week, the second time pretty hard. I got crushed that year just like the previous year.

What did work for me was eating a lot and working out. Forcing myself to get out of bed with a shadow, eat an asprin, hot ass 20 min shower/head-neck massage, good weed, good coffee, sunshine on my neck/jaw, water, food... seemed to be the best routine to prevent a shadow from becoming a crusher for me. Controlled breathing seems to bring the pain down a notch or 2 usually, also.

I never tried to eat mushies to stop an individual attack, as most of my headaches come and go within ~45 min, with 20 min of screaming pain. If they go longer than that, I'm fukked, and I am lucky to hold down bread and water, let alone mushies. I've been lucky to not have one last for more than 3-4 hrs in 2+ years, and I've only had to resort to a perc & crying to sleep a few times in the last few years.

Hope everybody finds something that helps.

EDIT - FWIW, the term 'cluster headaches' is generally used to people who experience very specific type migraines, and 90% of people who get them get them on a regular daily/bi-daily schedule for a period of ~2-8 weeks. That is the origin of the term 'cluster'; as in a 'cluster of migraines inside a greater span of time'. 10% of people who get them in 'clusters' (episodic) eventually just fall into a daily fukkin routine, every day (chronic). The headaches themselves are generally described as:
Lasting less than an hour
Intense pain on one side of the head, generally around the eye/temple, sometimes in the neck/jaw/back. Always on the same side of head.
Not associated with visual aura or with nausea. (my nausea comes generally as a result of pain + pain pills + too much time in a too hot shower)

From what I've read (,, the idea of tripping is to hiccup your 'circadian clock' into missing a cluster. Mine generally hit between Sept & Jan, and last ~3 weeks. The circadian clock/rhythm is our body's response to the shortening of the days. Just like cicadas come out in late summer. And buds Most people get the clusters ~ the same time, and a decent % get another cluster going back into spring.

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Old 09-08-2015, 03:33 PM
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Talking IT WORKS!

Ironically, months after I posted this thread I myself started getting cluster headaches. Migraine medicines didn't help and I suffered from the crippling pain, nicknamed most appropriately "suicide headaches" for 2 years almost every day and nearly every hour of the day. I finally went to a pain management doctor and they did a nerve block with lidocaine. A day or so later I was pain-free for the first time in over 2 years; however the relief lasted less than a month and each time I got the nerve blocks they became less effective.

I finally grew some psilocybin cubensis spores ordered online. After drying the shrooms I ground them fine with a coffee grinder. The recommended dose for cluster headaches is to have 500mg every 5 days for 25 days. A recreational dose is +1000mg so this low dose gives a buzz but isn't too powerful. Within a month after starting the shrooms I was pain-free 24/7 and it lasted several months. I just repeat the treatment if the pain comes back. This natural fungus works better than any man-made medicine and it is a crime that doctors aren't allowed to prescibe it.

Please pass this on to anyone suffering from cluster headaches. You may save their life

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