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Old 06-23-2007, 04:50 PM
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Talking Michelle Rainey rocks the house!

Can you picture yourself on stage speaking to some of the worlds smartest and most influential people. Well this is what Michelle Rainey did yesterday at IDEACITY07 .

I am so proud of Michelle it isn't funny. Now I wasn't able to personally see this happen as I didn't have access to the event during the day, so you may ask how do you know that she ROCKED THE HOUSE. Well I was a guest of Michelles at last nights gala party at the CITYTV:STILL THE GREATEST party at the CHUM CITY BUILDING in Toronto and witnessed all of the folks coming up to her and congratulating her on such a moving and insperational speach earlier in the day.

It all started off on Wednesday at the BENNETT JONES GALA OF GLASS party at the Sandrea Ainsley Gallery in the Distillery District in Toronto. While Michelle and I were taking a medication break outside the gallery Moses Znaimer came up to us and gave Michelle a hug, at this time Michelle introduces me to Moses and we have a nice chat before he heads into the gallery. While we were talking he tells Michelle that she is going to be speaking on Friday which blows her away as she has always wanted a chance to speak to such a group of influential people. On Wednesday evening Michelle also introduces me to quite a few movers and shakers in the business world.

So on Friday Moses takes the stage holding up a copy of Treating Yourself Magazine the 1 with Michelle Rainey on the cover and starts telling the people in attendance about the publication. He then introduces Michelle who gets on stage with the her own copy of the magazine. From what I saw from all the folks that came up to us at the party wanting to support Michelle and our cause. This told me that her message was heard LOUD & CLEAR.

So I would like to thank Michelle Rainey for her courage, her honesty, her integrety. I would also like to thank her for giving me the opportunity to join her at these party's which enabled me to speak with some of the worlds smartest and most influential people and for giving Treating Yourself excellent media exposure.

I see GREAT THINGS happening in 2008

Take Care and Peace
Marco Renda
Publisher & Editor
Treating Yourself
The Alternative Medicine Journal
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