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Old 05-22-2010, 07:54 PM
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Default Volcano Cost & Tests

Digital Volcano Cost & Tests
I paid $850.00 Canadian that works out to about 640 Euros I believe.

Their worth every penny!!! Or what ever the name of your lowest coin currency. Ha Ha!

When I have a specially flavor full strain I will turn the dial down to 175'C just to enjoy the taste of the turpines .

They did a bit of testing with the Volcano at the Green Cross Society in B.C. Canada with Dr. Hornby here is a paste of the results.

Maybe I will Sign off now Enjoy the read

Well we ran some preliminary experiments on Friday with the Volcano. I will report these
findings with a caution that they are merely pilot experiments, to find our way only.
Figure i put my foot in it by promising results, not thinking about the consequences that
the findings may bring. And now we're realizing that we may be opening up a whole new can of worms.

Firstly, we have known for some time that the Volcano does not deliver all of the THC, particularly at
the lower settings, of around 5 and 6. We know this since we use high-pressure liquid chromatography
(HPLC) to measure the amounts of the most abundant cannabinoids, that are present in the sample,
before and after vaporization. By measuring the THC, for example, left behind in the sample carcass,
we can determine the efficiency of the vaporizer setting, since we also know what we started
out with.

Since this is a study of heating cannabis we must consider a couple of things.
One is that THC, plus the other cannabinoids, are not active as they sit in nature.
For them to interact with the THC receptor, firstly they must be de-carboxylated or activated.
Meaning CO2, must be kicked off the parent molecules, that in the un de-carboxylated
form are acids, chemically speaking. De-carboxylation, in this case, is accomplished by heating,
which, in turn, excites the chemical bonds of the, for example, THC molecule causing it to release
carbon dioxide at the weakest bond. This, subsequently, activates the molecule, allowing receptor interaction.

If more heat is applied to the molecule, eventually it will reach its boiling point and enter the vapor state.
De-carboxylation occurs before evaporation and over a broader range of temperatures.
And is critical for understanding cannabinoid pharmacology. Therefore in vaporization we have a two-fold
process occurring that allows the medicine to be delivered. De-carboxylation, followed by evaporation.

When we run cannabinoids by HPLC we see the acids of CBD, CBN and THC, plus trace amounts
of these already de-carboxylated cannabinoids (alcohols as they're called, chemically). We normally total the acids with the alcohols to come up with total THC, CBD or CBN for the sample.

In the experiments discussed here we vaporized a cannabis sample that had already been shown
to contain an unusually high amount of THC, with relatively high CBD.
We ran three separate experiments at Volcano settings 6, 7.5 and 9. At each test, the same
weight of cannabis was placed in the volcano and two bags vapped for the same time period.
Following vaporization, the carcass (sample left behind), for each temperature setting was analyzed
for the three most abundant cannabinoids.

We will attempt to tabulate below our experimental results.

Volcano Setting THC remaining mg/g CBN remaining mg/g CBD remaining mg/g

6 260 0.05 0.6

7.5 245 0.05 0.6

9.0 75 0.05 0.15

With all HPLC analysis there is an error window associated with the quantification. This window is normally acceptable if it has a coefficient of variation of 15% or less. This is simply a statistical evaluation of the standard deviation or variation around the mean, divided by the mean and a percent value taken.
So with THC there is often an error window of plus or minus 2% around the measurement and for CBD and CBN
this is more like plus or minus 0.05%. To convert the above results to a percent value, simply divide by 10.

So, what do we learn from these results. Nothing about decarboxylation, since it's not presented here,
although much is gained from observing the chromatography (not shown), where a one to one decrease
of the cannabinoid acid and increase in the alcohol is seen. Nevertheless, in the table we are showing only
the de-carboxylated actives that are left behind.

As stated earlier, the cannabis sample used in this experiment tested particularly high in THC,
running at 260, + or - 40 mg/gram. As shown in the table, this did not change for setting 6 on the Volcano
and changed only slightly for setting 7.5. We only see a significant decrease in THC at setting 9.
These results also confirm earlier observations.

The boiling points of the three cannabinoids measured are as follows:

THC 200 C
CBD 190 C
CBN 185 C

We can see from our before and after sample, that CBN is virtually all gone at setting 6, leaving
only residual amounts. The THC, however, all remains at this setting. As does the CBD.
At setting 7.5 the THC is fully de-carboxylated, but still present to roughly 95% of its original value.
Interestingly, at this setting the CBD is only half de-carboxylated.

At setting 9, all three are fully de-carboxylated and have moved to the vapor state.
A small amount of CBD remains as does some THC.

We can conclude from these very preliminary experiments that with the Volcano at setting
6 all the CBN is gone along with the more volatile terpenes and aromatics. Yet at this
setting, although the THC and CBD are being activated they have still not received enough heat
to enter the vapor state. In addition, at setting 7.5, similar conditions hold, with the THC still
not evaporated. It's only at setting 9 that THC receives sufficient energy to become volatile.

That's it for today. And remember these results are preliminary.
We will continue to conduct more experiments on the Volcano, next
time focusing more on what happens to the CBD and at what setting.
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Old 06-08-2010, 09:50 PM
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I'm confused - It sounds like you're saying that THC won't properly vaporize (for the purposes of medicating) at temps below "9" on a volcano, but my (and I suspect most other volcano users on the board) experiance is that I get quite high on any temp over 4.... Maybe my info is wrong but I thought THC was the primary componant of "the high" in most strains, and the other cannabinoids are either analogs (like THCV) or "modifiers" of THC's effects, with different cannabinoid groups impacting the "high" in different ways, i.e. if there is an abundance of CBN it moves the experiance more towards a sedative one compared to straight THC as a more "up" high.

Your study basically says that while THC is active at reasonably low temps, it doesn't boil off (vaporize) until very high temps... That sound wrong to anybody else?
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Old 06-09-2010, 11:05 PM
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Default Volcano Temps

I have the digital Volcano so I can tell exactly what the temp is.

What the owners manual says is that Setting 5 is compared to 178'C /352'F
Setting 6 is compared to 190'C / 374'F
Setting 7 is compared to 202'C /396'F
Hence with the boiling points of the three cannabinoids measured are as follows:

THC 200 C
CBD 190 C
CBN 185 C

It is clear that to get the full benefit one would have to go as far as #7 on the dial to boil off the THC. Other cannabinoids boil off at lower temperatures. These to add to the aroma effect.

I hope I answered your question.
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Old 06-20-2010, 06:11 AM
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Default crucial missing details in this study

1) What size bags were used?

2) Two bags were vaped for the same time period...well, what was that time period?

3) At what point was the bag attached to begin collecting vapor? Immediately upon flipping the green button, or was there a 1-2 second lag to let the material heat up some?

4) How ground up was the material?

The reason that I'm putting these questions out there is that, from personal experience, I find it REALLY hard to believe that you need to go above 6.5 to begin vaporizing a majority of the THC if you are working the Volcano correctly. I personally get high as fuck on good weed on my Volcano all the time and never need to venture above 6.4-6.5 to do so. However, I've also noticed friends who have purchased Volcanos after me operating them at less than peak efficiency and being unable to reproduce the thick white bags that I make, even though their temps are the same and they're packing in the same bud weight.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to get everything out of your bud without getting the Volcano over 6.5:

Use bigger bags. For United Statesians, Reynolds Turkey Bags work GREAT. If you use the Moffits (sp?) kind that used to come with the unit, I guess cut that thing LONG. The point is, it takes a bit of time for the real thick gust of vapor to start spewing out, and if you're using small capacity bags (which I'm assuming study guy was), you're going to run out of bag space before that gust can really get rolling.

Give it a sec before you attach the bag to the bowl piece. Lots of my friends pre-attach the bag to the bowl, then drop the whole thing on and pop the air button. I prefer to let the air blow through it for a second or so before I attach the bag...usually I open my mouth standing over the bowl and let the air from the bowl jet in...once I can start to taste that the material is heated and vaporizing, THEN I put the bag on. Dependong on dryness of weed, this can be anywhere from one to several seconds.

Don't overgrind your stuff. I got healthier bags when I stopped using an artificial grinder and just started crumbling it a little with my fingers. I don't really care to collect kief...I'd rather just make the bag that moment a little better by getting the whole bit of resin on the bud.

Don't up the temperature for the next few bags...there's no need. Just take your finger, or a weed stick, and gently mash up the material a bit for the second and third bags. The increased surface area will help the rest of the goodies escape

The implications of this guy's 'study' are a bit disturbing for me as a person with a medical need, because he is implying that you need to heat the specimen beyond the point where certain carcinogens begin to release themselves in relevant PPMs, i.e. benzene. And this is flat out wrong. If I beat my weed up 5 or 6 times in the 6.0 to 6.5 range, and do it using the steps I indicated above, I won't be able to get much of a damn thing out of that beat up weed at 7.5. This indicates to me that you CAN get a vast majority of the active ingredients at the lower temps.

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Old 07-20-2010, 10:00 PM
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Thumbs up De-Verdamper


So the reasons to vaporize :
- Nice item, look like a turkish water-pipe
- No cigarettes, no paper, no light, no residues
- No odors even after big sessions, that s great
- Quit tobacco
- Better for health
- Possibility to benefit from other plants vaporized
- Possibility to "smoke" from 0.2 to very huge amounts

I personally use the "De-Verdamper" a dutch vaporizer.

I like the old-school design, the cooling, the taste and the effect.
And also the fact that it still give a smoking impression.
You really expire a kind of smoke.

I quit cigarettes with this item the day I received it.
Only SSH pure, avoiding tobacco molecule...

It was difficult during 1 month at work to wait the evening vapo-time !

But now, I have completely quit cigarettes (6 months)

And surprisingly, I also reduced a lot my consuming of canna without wanting to...strange...

The better way to use it I think is to take between 0.2 and 1g and to repeat with new material instead of charging 3g directly.

But lol, for sure a good 0.2 is enough ! You can use it 3 times, after the weed is for the garbage

I do not use grinder, because it mess up the crystals and also the weed is vaporized way too quick...
I prefer to crush the buds in piece of 3-4 mm, toke that and then re-crush again in smaller parts but not in powder. After this 2d passage, I make powder and I collect the powder to make a big vapo with a lot of powder. And that still kick

You can toke and then let the system in stand by as long as you want, it doesn't hot no more the material-chamber. It s hot by the action of toking.
So it s perfect for looking at a film, or playing music, or poker,...without disturbing tolerant non-smoking weed people.

It s definitely one of the best investment I have done, my body thanks me. If you have questions...

Last edited by azzarello; 07-20-2010 at 10:16 PM.
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Old 07-21-2010, 08:42 AM
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Thumbs up Magic Flight is all right

I recently picked up one of these portable vaporizers...

They are way overpriced and don't offer temperature control, but they are great for traveling or medicating discretely anywhere.

If you are handy in the workshop you can make your own...
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Old 07-21-2010, 12:39 PM
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Default sorry

Hey all,

Sorry to bother, but I read thru this thread. With my medical issues I would like to vape when I start again. I have read thru, and know which vaporizer I wish to purchase. Yet I keep reading about another thread you all mention about vaping. Not sure if it is here, or not. Would you please post up the links to it, or link even. Thank you all...Ns

P.S. Btw I have decided to go with a volcano digital...Ns
P.S.S. Although I really like that verdamper..I hope I got that right...
"I'm often silent when I am screaming inside."

"How would you like to feel like a mushroom?"
Kept in the dark, and fed Shit all day?

The past no longer dictates me to the future. Everyday is a new day, and what is made of it is my choice.
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Old 10-06-2010, 08:49 PM
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I purchased one of those Iolite portable vaporizers and I can't get stoned enough from it.
For me it's either smoke or eat.
Vaporizers are insanely over priced and inconvenient and there is still tar.
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Old 10-06-2010, 11:21 PM
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I brought a Vriptech Vaporizer Heat gun type, just love it.

Have been vapping for about 18 months now; my lungs feel so good. My last lung function test was up by 10%.

I just love the flavours/aroma's that come through.

No more joint or bong breath or smokey weed smell on your cloths etc.

Now i can rip one down and go straight to meetings or work etc with just a smile.

I find that I use more mull now than when I smoked, as I just love those flavours & clean high.

Even shit unflushed street hydo weed tastes good & there's no way you could smoke that crap without coughing you guts out.

I would highly recommend that you all get one
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Old 10-07-2010, 03:39 AM
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just noticed this thread. probably cause it got binged to the head of the class with some new posts? duh. but i am seriously considering one of these units mainly because of some respitory probs the mrs. has. from my reading it seems like the volcano is the premium unit out there? my biggest problem is the immobility of it all so it pretty much limits use to a certain locale, but otherwise it is the way for smokers to go imo. peace-biteme
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