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Old 05-03-2009, 03:29 AM
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thanks patrick!

the big guy sez that he ran into the same problems obtaining the high flow mask that barletta did. but he's happy with how much he's gotten them under control. he also regularly ingests lsd as a preventative and prefers micro doses for headache treatment.
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Old 07-28-2009, 04:55 PM
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I sympathise with ya m8! i am epileptic and also get what i like to call tsunami headaches/epileptic headaches and migranes-- migranes r like 2 thumbs being squashed into ya eye ouch!! then there is my epileptic which sweels out my temples very sore indeed. my tsunami headaches r at my forehead and they r fkn mean mo fo`s. i reccomend a very strong resinous pure indica like a skunk. no haze/sativas they get u head high not body stoned like indicas. if u can make cannabutter have sum cookies and a big fat joint lie dwn in a dark room and soon go away. also oil is class for headaches
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Old 11-30-2009, 08:42 AM
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hi barletta, love your spice it made me start saving for 2 packs....

my father gets cluster migranes, they have given him mannnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyy different types of meds and nothing has helped except breathing oxygen from an oxygen tank when he has a headache..... i know it sounds crazy but it has been the only thing that helps, you should really check it out. he starts breathing and his headache will be gone in 15 minutes.

sorry to hear bout these headaches. i have never seen more pain in my life then when my dad gets these. he is a badass 6ft 6 man and these headaches are enough to make him contemplate suicide.
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Old 12-04-2009, 03:39 AM
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I've suffered clusters for 8 years now. I've awoken from surgery...ok.....thats nnothing compared to clusters.

My deepest sympathies.....I know how you feel.

Oxygen works so I hear but I didnt want welding o2, and pharm o2 is sky high expensive.

I've tried everything even ergotamine, the precursor to lsd. Most every med they have for long term management has tons of side effects, number #1 being baldness.

Marijuana does not help my clusters, BUT as you prob get when u get them you get so sick that u cant even drink. Pot eases the pain briefly enough to drink water or eat a cracker.

The one drug that worked was a medicine you insuffllate. I cant remember the name i'll find it for you. That stuff worked almost instantly you know nothing lasts long because they come back so fast.

I thank the lord havent had a cycle in about a year. My triggers seemed to be weather changes/tobacco smoke/not eating enough/no exercise.

As long as I eat regulary and exercise I've been fine and having fewer cycles.

My prayers to you because being a cluster sufferer myslef.....its worse than aids and cancer combined. Nothing hurts worse than those clusters, I literally took a hammer to my head before, and I'm perfectly sane.

Pain killers do nothing for me than to ease the muscle tension that occurs from the extreme pain. I got hooked on pain killers due to clusters and a bad surgery. When I'm in my cluster cycle I get the "lightning bolts" for about 20mins and then that cycle goes about 9-10 a day.......and some ppl "think" they're suicidal, take a walk in the shoes of a cluster sufferer for a day, lol. I've seen many doctors and have been told I have an extreme case. There is one surgical option where they cut somthing deep in your nasal cavity......but I'll never have another surgery again ever.

Another tip is when you get the first signs of a come on, go for a long brosk walk outside. I've beaten them by doing that and drinking tons of water.

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