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Old 07-08-2014, 02:10 AM
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Lightbulb The Book Of Morman ? way off

Hello Pantagruel,

I know the feeling of what your saying concerning cannabis site and not religion, I truly understand your sentiments.

This thread is in the Medical section were death takes place do to diseases such as cancer and I share with them whats is next from my own experience I am sharing with you.

Anyone who has learned about God's order can also understand that man was created so as to become an angel, because in him order reaches its ultimate stage.

In this stage something of the wisdom of heaven and the angels can be formed, and it can be reconstituted and multiplied.

God's order never stops half-way, and forms anything there without the ultimate stage; for it is not in its fullness and perfection unless it goes to the ultimate.

But when it is there, then it takes shape and uses the means at its disposal there to reconstitute and extend itself, which it does by reproduction.

The ultimate is therefore the seed bed of heaven.

Fallacies originate in the inversion of ideas, as in thinking) about God from persons and not from essense, about the neighbor from the person,that is,from the form of his behaviour as a man and not from his real character, about heaven as a place and not from love and wisdom from external worship.

These matters cannot be grasped without the knowlege of correspondences.


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Old 07-08-2014, 06:36 AM
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Name calling and harassing are not allowed here.

Repeat offenders will face possible bans.

regardless of whether one agrees or not here at mns, everyone has the right to share personal experiences and thoughts. Just without the name calling harassment or negative tones.

if you got nothing Nice to say let's not hear it. Its easy to avoid a thread or not post at all. Let's try and be more tolerant of other peoples opinions. Argue amicably if you must.

bless up


harassing posts will be unapproved. Repeat offenders are unwelcome. Please behave accordingly.

the only position the moderation panel has is of free but respectful and civil speech.
Support disorganized crime.

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Old 07-16-2014, 01:59 AM
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Lightbulb Providence is the hope for all

Hello everyone, and hope your well.

One reason why man does not in like manner desire to come out of spiritual servitude into spiritual liberty is, that he does not know what spiritual slavery is and what spiritual freedom is; he does not posess the truths that teach this, and without truths spiritual slavery is believed to be freedom, and spiritual freedom to be slavery.

Another reason is that the religion of the Christian world has closed up the understanding, and faith alone has sealed it; for both of these have placed around themselves like an iron curtain the dogma that theological matters are transcendent and cannot therefore be reached by any exercize of rationality,and that they are for the blind, not for those that see.

In this way the truths have been hidden that teach what civil liberty is.

A third reason is that few examine themselves and see like seeing day in a fog, or like seeing what comes from the sun above when under a black cloud.

Hence it is that it is not known what heavenly freedom is, and that the difference between it and infernal freedom is like the difference between the living and the dead.


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Old 07-17-2014, 01:53 AM
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Lightbulb The miracles I am sharing and signs are important

Hello everyone and thanks fxginbcn

When I am writing about my experiences I am only writing to help you understand what I have experienced do to death and saw after life, heaven that is.

I am not here to preach and only here to share so if you like what I am telling you , it will be great therapy especially if your dying.

There are many who assert that no one can speak with those in the other life, and bring back news thence.

But this is said because they do not believe in a life after death, nor in the resuscitation of the dead; and yet they have learned in ancient times it was quite a common thing to talk with spirits and angels.

Others assert that there is no need for anything further to come down from heaven, because all things necessary for salvation have been revealed in the Word, and that further revelations are not to be expected.

But they say this simply in order that each may retain his own particular dogma, just as those do who hold some heresy, which they confirmfrom the literal sense of the Word.

The Word is indeed the sole source of teaching, but in its internal sense which is now being revealed, in which are the truths of faith.

Because there are infinite elements in the human God, which appear in heaven, in angels, and in people as in a mirror, and because the human God does not exist in space it can be seen and comprehended to some extent how God can be omnipresent,omniscient, and all providing; and how as a person He could create all things, and can as a person hold all things created by Him in their proper order to eternity.


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Old 07-24-2014, 04:14 AM
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Lightbulb When I was there I felt Divine

This experience I had was a memory that stays with me daily, and I cannot get it out of my mind about whats to come for all who believe in the truth.

The blessings,the happiness,the delights and pleasures, in a word, the joys of heaven, cannot be described in words; but in heaven they are perceptible to the feelings; for what is perceptible to feeling alone cannot be described because it does not fall into ideas of thought, and thus not into words.

For it is the understanding alone that sees; and it sees the things that pertain to wisdom or truth, but not the things that pertain to love or good.

For this reason these joys are inexpressible, yet they ascend in like degree with wisdom: their varieties are infinite, and each is ineffable.

I have heard this, and I have also perceived it.

These joys,however, enter as man, as if from himself but still from the Lord,puts away the lusts of the love of evil and falsity;for these joys are those of the affections of good and truth, and are the opposites of the lusts of the love of evil and falsity.

The joys of the affections of the love of good and truth begin from the Lord,thus from the inmost;and thence they poor themselves forth into lower things, even to the lowest, and thus fill the angel, making him become as it were wholly a delight.

Such joys, with their infinite varieties, are in every affection of good and truth, especially in the affection of wisdom.


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Old 08-12-2014, 04:23 AM
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Lightbulb Some Providence never hurt no one

From the knowledge of heaven given by this brief description it is clear that it is affection from the love of good that makes heaven in man.

But who at the present day knows this? Indeed, who knows what an affection of the love of good is, and that affections of the love of good are inumerable, in fact, infinite?

For, as has been said, every angel is distinctly his own affection, and the form of heaven is the form of all affections of the Divine Love there.

No one can unite all affections in this form but He who is Love itself and also Wisdom itself, and who is at once Infinite and External; for what is infinite and eternal is in everything of the form, what is infinite being in the conjunction, and what is eternal in the perpetuity; and if what is infinite and eternal were withdrawn, the form would dissolve in an instant.

Who else can unite affections into a form? Who else,indeed, can incorporate into it a single part? For one (constituent part) can only be brought into a union from the universal idea of the whole, and the universal of all can only be formed into a union from a particular idea of each constituent.

This form is composed of myriads of myriads enter it each year, and will do so to eternity.

All infants enter it, and as many adults as there are affections of the love of good.

From all this again may be seen an image of the Infinite and External in the Angelic Heaven.

I hope makes sense so far.


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Old 10-07-2014, 05:17 PM
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A lot of people that work in the pain field have no clue at all. I have been to many pain senimar's, with all the patient's saying at the end, what a waste. Shit on the 14th i am back to hospital for a sleep study. Wisdom has nothing to do with education. But the educated say they have the answer. The specialist couldn't even tell me why my c6 and c7 prolapsed causing left nerve root canal dammage from my Ankylosing Spondylitis. Just try this new pill, all i ever hear. Don't talk about chronic pain unless you live with it every day as i do. As we in cronic pain know, it never goes away, just good days and bad days of verying pain with never a half decent sleep.

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Old 12-19-2014, 01:05 AM
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Question Understanding Pain is the question?

Hello Stickybud,nice of you to stop by 😇yes PAIN💀💀!!can be Explosive💥and Yes I do understand as I was hooked on opiates do to my RT/LT Lateral heels being ground off by a conveyer belt so definitely understand pain and its receptors.

The best way for your body to heel is through balancing your anatomy and starts at the feet.

Most people have inverted heels or they bump out causing inside medial knee pain as well as the upper thighs RT/LT coming inward or Valgus causing further balance issues and discomfort.

BALANCE is your first step with pain management so joints and muscles as well as hips .

Spinal Stenosis could be causing perineal or sciatica pain down the leg and is why balance is so important with pain treatment protocols.

Sorry for the delay in responding as I haven't been on this blog in months.


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Old 12-19-2014, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by resinbud View Post
my RT/LT Lateral heels being ground off by a conveyer belt so definitely understand pain and its receptors.
ouch! whats the story on that?
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