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G`day Resinbud
I`d like to throw a hypothesis in the ring . Do the plants with the purp stems have crocodile/alligator tail shapes to the leaves ? I recognise that shape as Columbian {Haze C], how about the branching struc does it have any distiguishing traits .?
So my theory is the Haze C throws the purple and Haze A the Thai side . Though Mex and Kerela are allegedly in the mix as well .
But after reading all I could on the subject it seems the THai and Colubian seem to be the dominant pallet .
I also base this theory on the CHz I have with the croc tail leaves and purp on the leaf stems ,also I find the leaves coarse when compared to the
Nordle .ie They are harder and rougher to the touch .
I realise its a pretty wide comparison but am interested what Herb and yourself think re this theory .
Thanks for sharin
Elmer Bud
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