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Hello Bigherb... From my limited experience with Nevilles Haze phenos, I would say the coloring is in the Genetics? The temperatures were cool a few nights were I live, and at the lowest level 51 degrees, That #1 pheno was the only one with the purple bud coloring, and that #3#9 were in the same enviroment without the purple coloring, exact same conditions weather wise. Is the purple coloring an NL#5 characteristic? Temperatures are pretty constant here, but does get somewhat chilly at nite some evenings. All phenos will have a smoke report soon. Nice of you to stop bye. peace, resinbud
I thankyou for a great report and quick response

The purple trait in Mns hazes is somthin ive pondered on n asked abit about .I have found i believe more than a handful who hav reportd this with pics .

IVE asked aswell an havnt found any evidence or reply as i recall that NL5 carries this trait ,Im curious n might hav asked does the afghan carry this trait caz afghan haze has purpled aswell

I think some will say that a few cool nights can do that but IMO i dont beleive soo becaz of the others grown that havnt shown color in the same environment .My NH was outdoor in nov in NYC 40 somthin temps Noo purple

I truly look forward to your progress and especially those smoke reports

best wishes

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