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I agree with british_hempire. Japan Freak is now playing this as a mind game with Nev and a couple of others - something to amuse himself and his wife by. Quite puerile actually. Perhaps his wife finds some vicarious pleasure in seeing Nev and the others belittled by her partner's "razor tongue". Perhaps this is simply to impress her. It's a shame though that his grow skills do not match his feisty rhetoric.
Nev, he is playing games with you now mate, so it becomes time for the coup de grace, by leaning on the moderators button. Why the coup de grace instead of a Coup d'état? Because, like a Vet with a rabid dog, the coup de grace is a "blow of mercy", and the forum needs this action to restore some peace and respite from the sufferance of JapanFreak's mind games.
Each and every one of us can play the part of an activist to some degree. Being here at MNS is an act of activism. Simple as that. It all adds up until critical mass occurs, then change comes.

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