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Default MNS Neville's Haze


It has been a little while since I have run some MNS, especially long time since I have run some Neville's Haze.

I was very lucky to receive two Nev cuts this week. These came from another respected MNS fan / grower. Shanti had gifted some original first run seeds. And 2 seeds germinated, not bad considering these are from the very early nineties.

One male and one female.

I believe both the male and the female are now circulating in an effort to preserve this line.

So i took one cut and have put her in one of my mother rooms. Once she is big enough she will be turned into a load more cuts and passed on. No strain hording here. I strictly do not agree with strain hording. Be it an old or new strain. Cannabis is not meant for the so called 'Elite'. Cannabis is the peoples weed!!!!!

Anyone that hords strains, shame on you!!!!

Anyway, I took the other cut and built my self a nevs chambre.

With out further ado, here is the lovely lady!

Now I plan on vegging this girl for around 18 days. Then I may cut her back to the lowest limbs and induce flowering. She will be transplanted to a 50 lt coco container before flower. And she has a 1m x 1m area to her self and a nice 400w Mhal.

I think she should be ripe at around 100days give or take.

And to make this even more fun, I am running her in a room with only 3.5 ft height clearance.

Yikes, I hear you all say. Your mad, it will never work!

Trust me, it will. And if she is a great smoke. Which she will be, then I am in for a great end of summer.

If this is like my last nevs, one spliff lasts 4 heavy tokers a good hours or so. Thats not one each, thats one spliff between 4.

I love this stuff. Gonna need me an Indica to get me off to bed after smoking this stuff.

Will update when she starts to progress.
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