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Originally Posted by Nevil View Post
I've found most newbies to be stubborn about wanting to do things some other way than what they are advised.
I think its the people that are set in their ways that are the most stubborn, not the newbies, the hardest part for me as a grower was the nute schedule, was trying this and that to begin with, going with the recommendations on the bottle of nutes which was way to high, guy in the grow shop was saying this will improve your crop, try this as well, all bullshit which took me a good while to figure out as a newbie, had to go back to the start basically and just give the plant what it needs not what the guy in the grow shop said it needed lol, and reduced the nutes to what the plant needed, not what the bottle told me to give it, and now im set in my ways, guy in the grow shop was offering me a free bottle of something which apparently increases THC production, i would not even take a free sample which go's back to my point about the people set in their ways to be the most stubborn as if the guy in the grow shop was offering that free bottle to a newbie, he would have took it np and fucked up his crop maybe, maybe not, now im set in my ways i would not even take the chance, been there and seen it all before, im happy with my results, why fix something that aint broke or even try to fix it, thats the way i see things now, again congratulations on your harvest JF, its nice to be at that stage of a grow, hanging up drying