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G`day JF
Congrats on the harvest . That Bubba X seems to have come off alright .
I have to agree the NL knockoff looks like it could run longer ,Ive been surprised in the past when plants that I thought would come down in a cpl of days have kicked on and sent out a fresh flush of calyxes and overgrew the established bud and increased girth dramatically !
I was wondering does security/ stealth play a role in harvest time as I seem to remember you didn`t have a carbon filter ? [is that correct ?]
I stopped growing indoors for several years when I lived in suburbia as odour control was not what it is now and I also believe the phenos that I was growing then to be some of the stinkiest weed I`ve encountered .Just didn`t have the nerve after both a home invasion and a police bust in a rural setting with no neighbours for miles around so odours were not an issue .
Had to google Gogo

Anyway good luck with the cure and I hope they don`t upset your delicate throat too much LOL .
Thanks for sharin
Elmer Bud .

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