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i've been a member for years and think that this site has declined in character over the last year...sometimes i feel like i'm at ICmag or something and this place was practically self-governed for many years without any real problems...Shanti has threatened to close the site down, now do we really want that? Not only is he a phenomenal breeder, he offers hands on advice through pm's, he gives discounts to members and medical patients and finally the best customer service. For this site to be shut down because members can NOT get along is unacceptable and as a community we should be ashamed. I've never entered a pissing contest on this site nor plan too and I encourage others to do the same. If you get pissed then just sign off and go burn one cuz there is no need to cut each other down. Over the years I've developed many bonds and friendships and a lot of members are moving on because of the problems as of late. We all need to take a good look at who we are and what we stand for...we can either help liberate this plant for the medical use of the masses or fight within ourselves on this site and accomplish nothing. I'm sure those who are against the use of cannabis love the "in fighting" that goes on here and at other sites. Be safe and Godspeed friends, lets work together to make things happen!
*Sorry for the post but i've been holding this in for months
"All posts, pics and statements are fictional/hypothetical. I in no way endorse the breaking of any countries laws...Be safe and Be Blessed"
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