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If I was talking about GHS I would have said that, but I wasn't. Cute that you jumped at the chance to bad mouth a company that has nothing to do with this thread though. I bet you can blind type GHS
Not at all, I just stated fact, GHS SSH is known for being a lower yielder more straggly and viney plant than the MNS version, tons of grow reports show this. It is not common to find low yielding viney phenos in MNS SSH.

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The one I had was covered with frost, most I've ever seen. The hole plant could be used and was literally covered from top to bottom.

Right now I got 2 killer queens from somebody called Vic or something which is supposed to have g13 as a parent.
That would be Vic High, Canadian breeder in the 90s, it's G13 x C99, not sure what G13 he used, probably Nev's G13 x HPxNL1. Killer Queen is an awesome strain, the best phenos are incredibly frosty and potent.