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The NL2 was IMO a NL version of Kush. More weight and that puffed up indica type of bud that NL5 had. The taste was very similar to the Kush4 that I remember as coming from Ortega. (correct me if I'm wrong Jim).The Ortega type was more what I would describe as a typical landrace although fairly consistent. I used an F4 NL2 male over the Kush4 to produce a vigorous hybrid that was true to type. It was the Kush4 that made me realise that the NL2 was primarily a Kush. The NL2 needed some fresh blood as the F5 wasn't as good as the F4. I had planned to take the Hybrid back to NL2 and as the NL2 had already been released I expected others would do the same. I must be living in my own world as it doesn't appear that anyone saw the connection that seemed obvious to me.
I never got any Kush from Sam. I did get another Afghan from him that was unrelated to A#1. It a was coarse large seeded variety with big calyxes, but lacking potency. I used that in the Black Domina (25%).
All the NL lines were from seed not cuttings, as was the Kush4.

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