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Originally Posted by hempy View Post
you wont get a free ride by calling me a fucken thief or a lier
I never once said you were either...well you do say shit that isn't true a lot but I accept that's not an honest mistake, you just don't bother to slow down enough.

I know you had no idea that the easy grower buckets have been sold in Japan for decades. Now that you know you can fit it into your "history" if you see the need. I don't care. I've never been worried about your history or stories.

I never said your advice was bad, never said your style of growing was bad. I have said you are not the best grower I've seen or is known on the net and you've taken that very poorly I understand but holy shit guy, you're totally tripping and I honestly don't know what to tell you. You're throwing insults and calling me names left and right and I'm supposed to do what? Just let you come into my grow thread and attack me because you got your panties twisted?

Dude you said my advice kills plants all I did was hold up a pic of my un-dead plants. Relax.