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I've asked them to stop but I don't think they want to. They would rather start shit and hope that I get banned. All I want is for them to leave me alone. I don't think I've ever made a post in any thread Hempy has ever made besides the one he made for me to talk shit about me, I could be wrong, I'm not anal about remembering things like that. I'd be more than happy if he just left my thread.
You started this not me im happy to stop and in all honesty i dont want you to get banned this site it is for every one in all honesty i loved this site but see it changing to something i am not liking so you need to understand japfreek you wont get a free ride by calling me a fucken thief or a lier trust me even if i leave this site i will re join any site just to tear you a new ass hole if i read this shit from you or any person at any site its lies and i dont like being called a lier or a thief its my fucken right to defend my self from slander so you can end it and i will also or you dont wont to fine i will go till my last breath your choice to make.