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Well,It is being recognized more when dealing with alcoholics and drug addicts which by the way are two different animals even though the are both carry debilitating consequences with them down the line.{off topic}
I'm not right up on it but what I have gleaned from it I will try to explain. When, after detoxification of substance clients have a hard time with the addiction cravings and sometimes reach for iether marijuana or cocaine for the relieve they still need.Also suffer from anxiety ,worry,fear of death ,constant thoughts of death and the worst case senarios thus the word morbidOften have had long time abstinance from all mood altering drugs for years but are eventually pulled back to what makes them feel better.Basically a pain reliever. There are different pharmacutical drugs for it. apparently.I had suffered from anxiety attacks which progressed over 20 years to extreme requiring hospitalization twice which led to my Dr.putting me on 40mg of paxil a day which have stopped completely {knock on wood} Phyhiatrist said that alot of people like me are taking medical marijuana but would suggest other routes as usually will lead to more future hospitalization rather than if you took regular drugs!!?? My medical Dr as I joke with him on what she said,and he says to me "Not a Chance getting perscriped marijuana for me" I haven't persued it with him any farther as I said i know where i can get it if i need it anyway.He shook is head in agreement. Good man though that Dr. Peace and if anyone would like to share or comment that would be great.Thanks All.Shogirl
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