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Old 12-05-2018, 05:08 PM
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Default What do you do after harvesting?

What do you do after harvesting? Maybe some love?)
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Old 12-06-2018, 03:24 AM
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Smoke it maybe?
Landrace and heirloom seed collector/trader.
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Old 12-06-2018, 04:45 AM
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Scrape the trimming scissors and smoke that.
Growers perquisite. Best hash every time.
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Old 12-06-2018, 09:32 AM
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After/during harvest I remove all fan leafs without resin --> the "non sugar" leafs.

Then I hang the plant, completely, no further chopping up, upside down on clotheslines, sometimes I use coat hangers for this (and have seen others online using trellis netting to hang even more bud in an even tighter space).

After 7-14 days of hang drying (I bend the side branching in between, when it starts to feel more like a crack than a bend, I feel it is ready for the next step).

I then take the whole plants off the clothesline, chop it up on a trimming screen into manageable buds. I then trim the buds.

I have been using food-grade plastic containers for my cure which many people say I shouldn't, since it's plastic. Most people say you should use glass.
I like the plastic containers, since they are light-proof as well and seal decently well. And I bought a hell of a lot of them because I wanted to be able to have a jar for each pheno so I can later discern and pheno hunt when I smoke test them.
There are pros and cons ...

I have moved over to simply adding a Boveda 65% pack in each plastic jar and only "burp" the jars once in a while, not religiously once or twice a day during the first few days etc. etc.

Since I grow organic, I usually start smoking as soon as the hang dry is complete.
In terms of smoothness etc. I notice only subtle differences with an ongoing cure. Because of the organic growing, you can basically smoke them straight off the plant and it is absolutely fine, not harsh or anything.

I have however noticed a noticeable uptick in potency/strength and particularly flavor/odor with a prolonged cure.
Although flavors/odors also seem to change back and forth sometimes. I had a MKS pheno that smelled amazing, like a certain type of candy, during flower. After the hang dry the smell was basically gone or very faint. After a few weeks in the jar, it kept changing and becoming fainter until it was almost not noticeable anymore.
Then after about a month or two in the jars, it returned and was stronger than before... go figure

I then smoke it up over the next half a year or so, sometimes taking notes and one by one eliminating all but my favorite phenos.

Ideally I end up with 1 or 2 females out of the bunch and train their plants as mums.

I should also mention that I have a bunch of scissors during trimming and usually swap them until the end of a trim session where I scrape of the scissor hash and submerge the blades in isopropyl alcohol to clean for next session.
That scissor hash is not bad indeed.

I also leave the trimming screens where they are until I am done trimming completely for this harvest and then claim the kief that fell through the screens. I have a two screen set up and usually use a credit card on each screen to collect/push through the kief and what comes through the bottom screen is pretty fine stuff. Just makes me cough a bunch but nice and potent and tasty. But it is mixed from all phenos as well ...

Anyway, the trim is also not divided by phenotype but just collected in tupper ware containers and thrown into the freezer. I later make bubble hash and/or canna butter out of it. It's usually very little bubble hash but quite a lot of canna butter. Not sure I will make bubble hash much more.
Not a big hash head and the process is quite labor intensive and takes some time as well. All the cleaning is annoying ... and in the end there is so little bubble hash ... But it's fine stuff.
I have always microplaned my bubble hash after freezing the wet pucks of hash after extraction. After microplaning, it wicks reall fast on some cardboard, a day or two tops and then is ready for consumption.
I never pressed my hash into a ball or anything, I always "harvested" it from the cardboard with a credit card or something into small plastic containers and then used it like kief. Basically crumbled up, powder like in the end. Just sprinkle it on top of tobacco or a joint and bam, supercharged

Rarely smoked it on its own. Its too gooey for the volcano and with some tobacco in a joint ... meh, prefer flowers.
So usually I end up giving the bubble hash away to some hash heads (who love it, since they don't have to pay for it, otherwise I am sure they would look at it differently lol) and only ever complain about it running out too fast...
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Old 12-06-2018, 04:36 PM
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Just hammer a joint and have fun! Blunt and come off. Do not be silly. Everything cool!
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Old 12-10-2018, 04:16 PM
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Oh yeah! What an awesome thing! I am sure it is extremely cool!
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Old 12-10-2018, 08:33 PM
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I hang the plant in one or two pieces upside down in the basement outside my tent until they are dry, but not too dry. Then I trim, first separating and composting the fan leaves, collect and label seeds, jar and weigh the dried bud and trim. I keep a yield spreadsheet of the yields.

Been thinking of running some plants from harvest directly to the freezer then make ice water hash just to cut down the overall amount of work. I could use some guidance on how to prep (grind?) frozen buds and how much bud to use per batch with bubble bags in a 5-gallon bucket.
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Old 12-11-2018, 03:36 PM
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Hey Marcus,

regarding the bubble hash thing:
I found little to no difference in wet-trimming and directly freezing the sugar leafs for hash making vs. hang dry, dry trim and then freezing the sugar leafs.

The ideal is reportedly the first method but like I said, it made little difference to me (although I have to say I didn't weigh anything or look at yields).

So I usually just freeze my trim/sugar leafs after dry trimming normally and then get them out of the freezer whenever I have some time to make some bubble or butter.

I use about 30 gr of sugar leafs for either a bubble or butter run.

But I have the small bubble bags and working with about 10l of water/ice. That's about what 2 1/2 gallons?
So double that I would assume?

Regarding the grinding etc.: When you make butter, you have to decarb the trim first. When you do that, you can just grind it up by hand a bit after, since it basically is falling apart already.
For bubble, I wouldn't bother with grinding it either. I just chop up larger stems with sugar leafs on them etc. when I trim. Just give those things two or three quick chops to get them into more manageable chunks. I don't see a need to grind it up any further as the water is separating the resin from the trim in the end and I think trim is small enough to do so at that point. I am sure further grinding it wouldn't hurt but I believe there is a diminishing return here.

When making bubble, I do 2-3 washes with the material. One is definitely not enough, a lot still comes out from the second wash and a third often yields quite well, still.

But I am honestly not sure how much more often I will bother with the bubble hash. Yeah it's great but I'm not a hash smoker and the labor... oh lawd the labor ...

Takes me a whole afternoon at least when you include all the rinsing and cleaning. I don't know Bro...

Compared to that, you just throw the trim in some boiling water mixed with liquified coconut oil or butter and let it simmer for a few hours, no work involved. Strain all that and there is basically only your cheese cloth to be washed. Done.

It also takes about an afternoon but you don't have to do anything and don't have to clean the camping washer and all those bags but only the cheese cloth and the pots. Also no stupid ice and water spillage... So much easier.

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