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Old 04-21-2017, 05:46 PM
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as many of you, i had a year where i was only consuming bho, skyrocketing my tollerance to the moon and back ...

i didnt wanted to smoke joints or bongs, bc it hadnt any impact on me, because of the bho tollerance ... i mean inhaling nearly a whole gram of bho, is eqivalent to inhaling 10 grams at once .. so the theory ... but practically ... i got so wasted when i smoked my first weed joint after one year of bho only , i got higher than on bho ...

this is the same "strange" behavior as the bubble thing ... whats responsible for the high, it cant be thc alone, and it cant be the terps in conjuncture with thc ...

there must be a 3rd thing, like combustion byproducts od something like that ...
because vape hasnt made me that high as a combustion process

otherwise my logic has reached its end and is giving up on the whole matter ...
help folks !
forever again & again forever
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Old 04-21-2017, 08:37 PM
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I never really got that into BHO I've always liked variety of buds and hash. I got a t shirt press screen I use to trim on bounce it around a bit and make bubble with the rest. I wouldn't even use buds to make hash unless I could grow a field. I love smoking joints and it's got to be the orange pack of Zig-Zags they burn so much better than Raw and all.

But yeah I don't like vaporizers at all the closet I will do is a dab but I prefer hash over BHO always have. Of course everyone is different some love vaping them vape shops are popping up everywhere.

But we can only hope for full legalization I will have fields of the best just for Charas that is one niche nobody can fill until the feds fuck off.
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Old 04-24-2017, 09:05 AM
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My theory on the vapes is that the process only turns a certain percentage of present active compounds into vapor.

Reason behind my thinking is that the decarboxylated (or what its called) weed that is left over after vaping still gets you high if you use it for example in edibles.
So even though the flowers look "spent" after vaping, they are not. You only inhaled the "creme de la creme" of the active compounds but you have not completely drained the substance.

Compare that to combustion, you entirely spent the bud as only ash remains. Meaning you used up all active (and inactive) compounds present in the flowers.

So I do understand people who say that vaping doesn't get them "as high".

But my counter is always: If you turn the temp up, you will use more of the active compounds present in exchange for harsher, more smoke-like vapor.

Just my view on the topic, cannot really offer much scientific evidence or facts to base it on, just what I experienced, heard and how I explained it to myself.

Stay frosty Bros
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