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Old 07-23-2015, 10:31 AM
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Default Black ash!!!

Hi guys this is a topic that i seem to understand but have in the past been suprised even with what i considered a good flush i ended up with black ash!!!

It seems to me that actually there isn't any one reason for black ash and actually there seems to be many factors that may leave you with the dreaded black ash!!

So firstly in my expriance the main contributing factor to black ash is in fact NOT a lack of a good flush but very much over feeding!! I've observed that running lower ec levels leave you with a much cleaner product,id love to understand why this is?

Id place a guess that some type of irreversible damage is done to the plant cells during the flowering that no amount of flushing will rectify! Again i don't fully understand these processes but id love to from members that do.

i have come to understand that flushing is a process that many things are happening and not one thing as some might think!

Firstly in flushing we are removing the food supply from around the medium and root zone.

Secondly the plants start to use up stored food within itself as there is no longer any feed around the roots.

Its now that plants begin to yellow up or use up chlorophyll to produce food, which is why we notice yellowing in the flush.

Finally a good cure will help the product burn better but in my experience if you got black ash no amount of curing will get rid of it!

SO in my expriance the best way to get a really clean product hydro or organic is low level of feed through out the entire grow and use as few products as possible!

e.g. silicon,boosters and pks all have a negative effect on bud quality! if you need to use them then do so in really small dosages they still have great effects,but i have noticed that these are the kind of products that cause that irreversible black ash.

taking the plant down when all fan leaves are banana yellow will also give you a considerably clean product again hydro or organic.

One thing that i must regrettably report is that i noticed no difference between hydro or organic in terms of a cleaner product both must be treated the same way high feed levels in organics and poor flush will leave you with nasty tasting bud!

These are my opinions only through experience if anyone feel I'm wrong please say as I'm really wanting to learn more and understand this quite overlooked topic more.

peace fellas
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Old 07-23-2015, 12:35 PM
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Black ash is a horrible sign the plant is full of nutes.ive grew black ash weed which stiil had pk 13/14 left.weed grown in uk by organised crime is black ash always either full of nutes or brix or some other weight adding poisen.years ago we never even checked the ash .i thought it was a joke but now my ash myst be pure white .cheers
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Old 07-23-2015, 02:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Bison View Post
Its now that plants begin to yellow up or use up chlorophyll to produce food, which is why we notice yellowing in the flush.
The breakdown of chlorophyll has been an enigma. I agree with your point about over feeding, I grow in soil outdoors and never get black ash.

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Old 07-24-2015, 11:16 AM
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Hey bison,

100% unequivocally agree with everything point you raised, through my own experience i have gone full circle to grow the best bud and the "kiss principle" without a doubt work's. The analogy i will give you ask pierre gagnaire whats the secret of his food, good ingredients cooked well.

I will go as far to say now i don't even purchase nutrients as the medium i have used and will reuse over and over again, is packed full of macro and micro nutrients the plant needs.

My own personal experience is similar to yours in the sense that you buy these nutrients in "hope" that it will do something or give some unique flavor or whatever, almost always has ended in complete frustration. Once you got all the key elements and you execute them as well as you possibly can, I would be amazed if you could find any black ash in your product

After a decade i'm back to where i started good seeds good medium. This time just executed a whole lot better. I feel ashamed of myself for ever buying "superstar" nutrients but that was the price of learning to getting back to basics

“Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.”
Buy real estate they call overpriced
Read books called overrated
Invest in markets called "irrational"
Do things you enjoy but can't explain

Nassim Nicholas Taleb
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