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Originally Posted by Chimera View Post
While the individual genes may live on, unique gene combinations are lost with every successive 1:1 or low N population breeding scheme.

The only real preservation strategy, and responsible step (in the sense of preservation) is to open pollinate as many individuals from the original population as possible.

From there selections can be made and used for any other type of breeding scheme be it hybridization or within-line breeding, but the original pool, and all the alleles available in the initial population are still available for further selection in the future.

Most of the original unique populations (landraces or ancestral cultivars) have unfortunately been extremely bottle-necked and many valuable alleles have been eliminated, because the early breeders who worked with the species didn' realize that cannabis is an outcrosser and has different breeding requirements than most flower species.
i like nevil's way of looking at it , call it bottlenecking or whatever you want , but when i see nevil and shanti's results i call it breeding out the bad traits and supplying each and everyone of us with only the best , i see nothing wrong with loosing some "unique gene combinations" if it is done by someone of nevil or shanti's qualifications , this way i know im getting the best that a certain plant/strain has to offer and none of the bad

i do understand what your trying to say though Chimera and have nothing but respect

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