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I think Nevil and Shantibaba compliment each other perfectly as breeders. I think where one of them lacks in certain areas, the other picks it up in spades. Between the two of them, I don't think you'll find a better case of preserving worthwhile cannabis genetics. That's just my take on it, it's called destiny, shit happens for a reason. I'm more than happy with Neville gearing his work on making sure I have a worthwhile pheno in my pack. I'm also equally pleased with the scale and sheer love of the plant Shanti operates under. If you call turning normal plants into the Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, so on and so forth of weed plants bottlenecking, be my guest. I choose to call them my personal heroes. If you think you could have done or could do a better job, get to it! I'll support anyone who has half the gull either of them had and still have.
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