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Originally Posted by resinbud View Post
Thanks! Dinosaurdon... I try to show the tropic side of things with NH and has proved to be a very informative grow. I have learned so much from NH, that by accident?and discovered major tricks with growing her keeping her small. I never experienced an out of control plant Ever with NH, only some deficiencies of yellowing, especially involving #1? All Thai! and the most crystally buds around. That #9 Nl#5 pheno was harvested at 90 days and was Clouding up so I pulled her. This plant stays small, and is Multi Branched, amazing,amazing, she is a KEEPER! I figure by clone she should finish in maybe 10 weeks? or less? I will keep you posted, but the Buds are Heavy for what was harvested. Peace, resinbud
That looks like coastal land (just turn left off the Great Abaco Hwy?) What sort of soil are they growing in?
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